End of the Universe [Most Recent Chapter - Chapter II: Having a Lie in, are we?]

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Welcome to End of the Universe! This is a small story series I made to give myself something to do in KSP whilst I launch probes, rovers, landers and everything inbetween! I've also added some self-imposed rules on myself which will be listed here. I don't have an update schedule planned, but they'll probably be quite frequent. Every chapter will be accompanied by 2-5 screenshots from Kerbal Space Program. Earlier chapters were posted on the KSP Discord Server, so they may have a dip in quality (i.e UI can be visible sometimes.) Chapters will be updated in replies, hang tight for an index as everything gets caught up and posted.

Click to view self-imposed rules

  • Kerbals have a days worth of O2 in their EVA suits. If they spend longer than a day inside of them whilst in a non-breathable atmosphere/a vacumm, they are deemed dead and must be terminated through the Tracking Center.
  • Command Pods are fitted with Carbon Scrubbers and a lengthy supply of O2. Kerbals can last infinitly inside of a Command pod that has electric charge. When the charge runs out, the Kerbals inside use their EVA suits and have a days worth of O2. If they spend a day without EC in their Command Pod whilst in a non-breathable atmosphere/a vacumm, they are deemed dead and must be terminated through the Tracking Center.
  • The Cheats Menu cannot be used. Autostrut can and will be used.
  • All parts must be stock. Making History parts are allowed, but since I don't have the DLC yet they won't be used until much later, if at all.
  • A kerbal's EVA suit can dive down 650 metres before the glass shatters. Command Pods can go to the bottom of the ocean.
  • The Command Seat can be used, but EVA suit rules apply rather than Command Pod rules.

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Something off is happening in the Kerbol system. Whilst completing a bet that the KSC couldn't launch 2 probes around Duna and Ike in one launch, Siglorf the Scientist notices something off happening at Ike's south pole. Some abnormal radiation levels are appearing, and it's spreading from the South Pole. KSC must deal with this whilst trying to explore and pioneer the new Space Age for Kerbals. Can they do it?

Click to view Index (Under Construction)

Chapter I - Mission Control's Plan B

Ah, Mission Control. All of it's desicions impact the current craft's orbit, action, thrust, all of the work that goes into flying a space craft. It's a shame they decided to launch the DPTD - otherwise known as the Dual Probe To Duna - outside of a Duna Launch Window by mistake. Naturally, there was a collective forehead slap from Didrin, Podzon and Siglorf Kerman as they all heard the news. This launch was their most important mission ever, and they'd literally launched at the wrong time? This was, in their opinion, the most Kerbal-est thing to happen in the history of the KSC.

"Guys?" A transmission from Mission Control rang through the Mk1-3 Command Pod. Didrin Kerman, the Pilot of the crew, pressed down on a green button with a microphone decal on it.

"This is Didrin Kerman transmitting from the DPTD. Is this an order to deorbit at Periapsis and relaunch at the window?"

"Not at all, Didrin. We have a plan B." Although the crew couldn't see him, they could sense Gene's smirk as he said the words 'Plan B.' "Do you have an engineer on board?" Upon hearing this, Podzon looked up. Kicking off from the wall, he stopped at the metal dashboard and spoke into the microphone.

"This is Podzon Kerman speaking, what's your 'Plan B?'"

"We need you to go out on an EVA and prepare the solar panels on the probes, then put them into hibernation along with the Control Wheels and then return to the command pod as soon as you can. Everyone else needs to prepare for Hyper Naptosis, a term we certainly didn't just steal from that one episode of Kerbarama." Mission Control ordered. Siglorf passed Podzon his helmet. It was going to be dangerous, but Podzon was sure he could handle it. Besides, it was just a simple EVA! What could go wrong?

"Good luck Podzon," Didrin said, before pressing her finger onto the microphone button again and telling Mission Control that Podzon was entering the hatch and depressurizing now. As soon as he was ready, Podzon grabbed the EVA Monopropellant Jetpack from the wall of the hatch and slid the door open. Flying over to the first solar panel, he hit a button and got out of the way for it to extend out. He repeated the process for the next one and flew above them to the HECS2. Hibernating both, he activated both solar panels and tried to fly over. But he hit the wrong button on his jetpack, showing some weird UI. And because he didn't move away in time, one of the solar panels ended up breaking. Switching the UI off, he checked the energy readouts and ran some numbers. Thankfully, it looked like the Ike probe would generate enough charge for a long time yet.

After returning to the capsule, he spoke to Mission Control. "One solar panel was damaged Gene, but it shouldn't be an issue whilst running the probe. Nothing else to report. Preparing for an 100 day session of deep-sleep hibernation now."

"It's Hyper Naptosis, but good. We'll speak to you when the next maneuver needs a burn." The Command Pod lights dimmed as the Kerbals fell asleep whilst floating around in space.



Podzon Kerman hibernates the HECS2s and extends the Solar Panels to generate electric charge during Hyper Naptosis.


A brief moment of Podzon looking at the broken Solar Panel with his Suit UI visible.

.Craft file
Because I'm so nice - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/132478131490521089/478248531937722383/r_ksp_Challenge_August_9th.craft
(NOTE - This was used in a Discord Challenge. Using it in the challenge will result in disqualification according to the challengers.)


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Chapter II - Having a Lie In, are we?

"Mission Control to Dual Probe to Duna."
"Mission Control to DPTD..."
"Sir, do you think they oversl--"

Didrin woke up to that shout. Still in a state of tiredness from her 100 day nap, she slapped the microphone button, saying "Didrin to Mission Control, can we have 5 more minutes?"

"You've had an extra day Didrin. You're a day late to your maneuver." Mission control sighed. That woke her up. Slamming the throttle upwards, she got pushed back to the wall along with a now very cranky Podzon and Siglorf. The maneuver was soon completed.

"Did we oversleep?" Siglorf asked Didrin with a yawn, "Is it bad that's not suprising to me?"

"Considering we're Kerbals, not really. The maneuvers worked though," Didrin said, looking at the map screen they had on the dashboard, "We've got a Duna Periapsis of roughly 30 kilometres, and with help of the Rhino engine, we should be able to bleed off our speed relativley easily. My only fear is that the payload might've been damaged when we did that burn. Podzon, mind checking it for us?"

"But I..." He was about to say about how he broke one of the solar panels, but he thought best to keep his mouth shut. Grabbing his helmet and floating to the air lock, he depressurized and did another check of the equipment. Thankfully, everything seemed to be in working order, and he didn't break any solar panels this time. Making his way back into the hatch and pressurizing, he informed the others.

"The payload isn't damaged, thank Kerb," Podzon said, chucking his helmet to Didrin. She caught it and put it with the others, "I think it's time for another round of Hyper Naptosis."


The DPTD starts a hasty burn after oversleeping a day.


Podzon checks the payload again, making sure it isn't damaged.

.Craft File


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