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The Dessert Derby 2018 setup


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9 hours ago, Triop said:

You guys think I should make a savegame file with the 2 coordinates flags and use that ?

I guess not everybody knows how to use that savefile, although Kerbal Dakar was based on that...

I'm still not sure on how to do this :confused: 11 days left :lol:

Yes do that, have no idea to how get there and where it is

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8 minutes ago, 4x4cheesecake said:

Works fine and the flags are in place :)

I hope we all have V1.4.5.

But I guess I can make a savefile for other versions if wanted.


The derby is 22 km, looks easy and short . . . . (laughs 4x4) :lol:

Thanks Cheesecake &)

I still need a badge . . .


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1 minute ago, Triop said:

I hope we all have V1.4.5.

I hope the mods I've used to build my buggy are compatible with 1.4.5 :D

2 minutes ago, Triop said:

The derby is 22 km, looks easy and short . . . . (laughs 4x4) :lol:

I guess, I should...no I need to build an actual 4x4cheesecake :confused:

brb xD

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On 8/17/2018 at 4:53 AM, Triop said:

Worksheet for Derby.

 - Fly to the temple/pyramids and plant a flag near the statue (if you don't know where it is, Google is your friend).                        scraped, a save file shows the temple location for you.


- Design a transport that can deliver a car to the designated waypoint (Dessert location, coordinates will be given)

Again, no time score, just presentation, you can show of your jet and if you like go FAST, but no points, only bragging rights (which I love).    Timed flight might be in the challenge . . .

- Set up your car on the location (flag/coordinates) and make a screenshot showing your time, start, drive as fast to the temple statue and make a full stop and screenshot showing your speed is zero and your finish time.

Calculate your travelled time, that will be your score.


I still need a badge . . .


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I did a timed flight, it's not easy, but I will add timed flight as a bonus in the challenge.

It was great fun doing it &)

16 minutes and 29 seconds :lol:









Ready for a testdrive . . .


TBC :cool:

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Looks like i know what im going to be doing in these next few days.

I feel like i just have to take part, not only because it looks to be pretty fun, but also because i feel like i let everyone down by not being able to make it in to the Kerbal Dakar race. So now it's time to redeem myself and do this...and do it with style.


Now, im wondering if i should give my old racing truck a second chance...



Or if i should use this instead...



Or just make something completely new.


The newer Russian style one is more stable and durable, but as i said, i feel like the old one deserves a second chance.

While i figure that out, i should start planning on what kind of cargo-plane will i build.

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On 8/21/2018 at 7:12 AM, Gaarst said:

While we're at it, if you have a flat track to take a F1-style car I'd also be interested

You could always go to either the Southern or Northern Ice Shelves which are perfectly flat and reasonably big. If you ever wondered about how fast a rover can go, they're not bad places. Here is a stock mining rover (with afterburner) at more than 200m/s.


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I think ive made my choice.

And here she is.



I took it for a test drive as-well, and i got pretty far before one of my tires burst, and i wasn't able to continue because this truck doesn't carry any Kerbals.



Top speed of this thing on flat ground is about 100 m/s, and seems to be able to tackle pretty much any hill. It's also super stable too.

So now it's not so much a matter of will i make it, it's going to be more about how quickly i can make it.

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On 8/20/2018 at 4:50 PM, Triop said:

Thanks Gaarst, I'll keep this challenge simple, no more stages.

I agree with only timing the driving. Timed screenshots by a flag will do the trick.

I know there is a mod that can time through gates, but sadly nobody wants to use that...

I'd love to see a new mod that could time a drive.

I'd love that !

I tried it before, but there was no interest, it was called "The Grand K".

A video of my setup, 5 timed laps:

Or this :



I made something just like that, except it has 6 wheels. I put the traction control to 0.2 to prevent it from tipping over. I like the power that the design gives and it would be perfect for the challenge!  

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A little update on progress.


Just for the fun of it, i decided to have a go at creating something new specifically for this challenge.



Basically a small'ish "tracked" vehicle that would be nigh indestructible...well, it is tough, but not as tough as id like. It's also a bit crude and all over the place compared to the very stable and quite technical truck with it's air-brakes, thrust-reversers and self righting mechanism, none of witch this has.


As for the cargo-plane...



This rather old military cargo-plane of mine was the first candidate, but it turned out to be just a bit too small (has a 5m cargo-bay, but truck needs a 7.5m one).

It was originally unpainted, but is now sporting the fictional "Strategic Airlift Command" (SAC) colors.


I happened to be watching a documentary about the Vietnam war (the one on Netflix by Ken Burns), witch gave me the idea for this beast.


(it carries the same fictional SAC livery)


It's basically just a B-52 ala mua, very simple and very large (wingspan is about 140m). No, im not gonna carpet bomb trucks on the runway, it actually has an access ramp inside the cargo-bay.

This arrangement allows for maintaining of looks, but it does effectively cut the usable cargo-bay space in half. It's not gonna get me there fast, but im not really concerned about that, as like always, i just wanna get to the finish line ;).


BTW: as this is basically a two part challenge with cargo-delivery and Dakar style racing, what's gonna be the rules if i crash my truck, can i just revert back to the start flag, or will i have to do the entire flight again too.

Not that it really matters, but it's not gonna do good to my motivation if i have to sit back and do a 30-40min flight every time i do a mistake :/.


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36 minutes ago, kapteenipirk said:




Guys, this isn't about making fancy designs. all that stuff adds weight and makes it harder to tackle those steep hills. @Triops Kerbal 1 is a great example of a basic, simple design.

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So I've tested the full Derby to prove it can be done.

- I did a timed flight using screenshots for timing.


- I unloaded my car and drove to the flag.

- waited for the mission time to get a round number (in this case it was 03:00), pressed F1 for screenshot and started.


- Drove to the flag and did a full stop followed by a screenshot for timing.


The flight was 16:29 and the drive was 21:28 (24:28 minus 3:00).

Counting them together gives me a complete time of 38:07.


Scoreboard will look something like this:


- Flight 16:29

- Drive 21:38

- Total 38:07

Pictures :


Ready for take off !






Start race


Jump ! (lost my rear dockingport with the landing)


Wrong turn . . .


Going down


Visual contact


U turn down hill


Allmost there


Allmost out of electric charge . . .





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1 minute ago, dundun93 said:

@Triop, that link doesn't have any flags in it. I loaded it and nothing appeared. How do I know where to go???

I need more info, did you copy the "Dessert Derby" savefile to your KSP saves directory ?

Are you using 1.4.5 ?



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