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I'm trying to create a few custom items and I don't know how to do it. Any direction would be appreciated.

The first and probably the easiest, how do I make engines.

Second, how do I made a two part decoupler like TT 38k where one piece stays on both attached structures.

How can I make rigid fairings.

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Well the key question is, what part of the process do you want to start with? Do you need to know about modeling the parts? Texturing? Animating? Programming? 

Its important because things like modeling I can help with. But I know nothing about working with config files that would be helpful to any of your questions. 

In general, if you're starting from scratch, you probably want to make a really simple 3d model that you can use to prototype your decoupler or fairing and see what pieces and sizes you need. You can then go back and model them with confidence that you won't need to have to make painful fixes to your art after the fact.

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If your looking for modeling info I've started a page with the complete project for various parts

Each demo part includes the Blender, Gimp and Unity projects and some notes. While it doesn't cover the basics (like how to use Blender/Gimp/Unity) I've tried to add notes with some of the gotcha's and special requirements.

Word of warning - it all made sense to me when I was putting it together but if anything doesn't make sense feedback is welcome.

And to repeat what Matrix Aran said - a simple project (like a fuel tank) would be good to get you familiar with the work flow.

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