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I created this one for a challenge a few months ago, when Jeb was sneaking parts out of the bin to get as far from KSP with as few parts of as little mass as possible.  This one is eight parts, not counting the stuff that got left on the runway (Mk. 1 Command pod, extra fuel tank so the engine could run up without depleting the actual flight fuel, and the other half of the radial decoupler), Jeb and his EVA parachute:


There was a simpler version, too, but I never completed the whole "Far and Light" flight with that one -- I just deleted the landing gear, so it was small circular intake, Okto 2 mini probe core, .625 m stack battery, Mk. 0 Liquid Fuel tank, Juno, and a Command Seat on top, plus the launching rig.  If you try to fly one of these, keep the throttle low -- it only takes about 1.2 kN to climb slowly at 20+ m/s when the tank is full, and that requirement will drop as the fuel burns off.  Punch it harder than that, and the jet/seat assembly will spin out of control under the parafoil even despite the reaction wheel in the Okto 2.  I could probably upload the .craft files for both versions if anyone cares...

BTW, that land you see ahead is the next peninsula east of KSC -- Jeb flew due east for about three hours on the 50 units of LF in that little tank, and then landed deadstick with dry feet (barely).  The no-gear version, flown as high as possible, could probably add at least 10% to that distance.

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