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[1.12.x] KSP Resonant Orbit Calculator


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2 hours ago, stk2008 said:

I am getting an error if I open up this mod in flight or on runway etc it will spam this forever till i close the the window.

Does not happen in VAB etc if i open up the window though I also never get an optoin to select nodes like in the first original screenshot you posted.


Thanks :)

Looking at the picture and code, the up/down arrow textures might be missing next to "Number of satellites". Check:

GameData/ResonantOrbitCalculator/PluginData/Images exists and contains "up.png" and "down.png" textures.

If not, perhaps reinstall with CKAN or even get them from GitHub https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/ResonantOrbitCalculator/tree/master/GameData/ResonantOrbitCalculator/PluginData/Images

Or perhaps they were not loaded if they do exist. I had a quick look at the error log, lots of exceptions and errors for other things. Might be caused by those exceptions stopping the arrows from being loaded?

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New release, 0.0.7

  • Added LOS length calculation and display
  • Fixed bug with up/down arrows not being displaed after 2nd display
  • Replaced all GUILayout.BeginHorizontal() and GUILayout.BeginVertical() with the "using (new GUILayout.HorizontalScope())" and "using (new GUILayout.VerticalScope())"
  • Small optimization by moving init of GUIStyles into ToolbarRegistration
  • Added buttons to select units display
    • m, km, Mm, Gm
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