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B9PartSwitch and the 4x texture variants for the Stage 2 are implemented.
All parts from original are converted to 1.8. 
The hab and textures are completed.
There is a really bad shadow issue in 1.8 that effects some people. This issue makes the shadows from all the handrails on the hab look very terrible. There is a bug submitted for the problem: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/24475
In the meantime, @Nertea is working on a plugin that has already proven to fix the problem so there is hope either way.

Will work on part configs and things next. 
Still debating an antenna and possibly a tether.


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All parts that were using "mesh =" now using "model ="
Renamed Docking Port toggle name to Toggle Nosecone from Toggle Transform (Thanks @Mecripp)
Added RTG decay to Stage 2 when Near Future Electrical is installed (Thanks @Gordon Dry)
Adjusted Stage 2 center of mass / lift (Thanks @Jso)
Adjusted base Tweakscale values
Eliminated B9+Cryotanks+CommunityResoucePack+DunaDirect incompatibility by doing the following:
- Added two resource definitions for DDCarbonDioxide and DDLqdHydrogen
- Mimicked Community Resource Pack definitions for Carbon Dioxide and Liquid Hydrogen
- ISRU now references DDCarbonDioxide and DDLqdHydrogen
- Community Resource Pack no longer required for ISRU functionality
Patch to add 9x inventory space to Stage 1 and Hab if Breaking Ground expansion is present
Replaced Return Vehicle (Stage 2) science experiments with custom experiments
Lowered Stage 2 Engine's max temp to 3200
Fixed scaling issue with Stage 1 Engines (Thanks @JadeOfMaar)
Changed Stage 1 Engines to use ModuleEnginesFX
Hab has 4x custom experiments

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Deepened the hole for Stage 2 on Stage 1
Removed fairing jettison module from Stage 2 Engines as there is no fairing to jettison
All stock and Real Plume engines' FX now move with the engine gimbals
Improved Snacks! patch (units now have recycler + 400 soil/snacks)
Added basic USI Life Support compatibility patch
Added basic Kerbalism patch
Combined the 3x light modules on Stage 1 into 1x light module
Lowered thrust values of Stage 1 and 2 engines
Lowered fuel amounts in Stage 1 and Stage 2
Increased fuel intake ratios in Stage 1 and Stage 2 engines

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29 minutes ago, dvdwilliams88 said:

have you decided to include a tether or not?

Yeah so my investigation determined the following possibilities:

1) create a KAS compatible dock / tether system with the limitation of needing to exit the ship to attach the tether unless some plugin work is done, which I can't do.

2) mimic the telescopic pistons with a tether instead of a piston - the limitation here being that the pistons work off of moving the vertical access of an object only. This would require 100 very tiny pieces of tether (as to not stick out the bottom of the docking port) all patented together in an exorbitant manner.

The first not being doable because of my skillset and the second seeming unrealistic, I've sadly admitted defeat on the tether ideas. 

I don't really want to create a hab dock that doesn't have a tether - it seems deprecated... So that's where I'm at on that :(

Other than that, going through what is basically some final testing. Trying to find the time to make this happen this weekend ideally.

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Sorry, I just checked and they not only removed the harpoon but they also removed the grapling hook/claw that you could shoot. you might try contacting the creator of KAS and see if he can help you intigrate the harpoon or grapling hook/claw into your system or if he can add those back in to KAS. they wold work perfect for the tether. here is an old video showing the grapple system for kashttps://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=ksp+kas&&view=detail&mid=A5AE182D76D23D2558A0A5AE182D76D23D2558A0&&FORM=VDRVRV it starts at 10.15 in the video.


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may have a soulution i will have to try it or you can. use the tether on the mars/duna transit engine and use the grapleing claw on the top of the hab. go in to dock the hab with the transit engine thether and pull it out using the graple claw as in the video mars direct in a nutshell extended. starting at about 10:57 on the video. this is how they are doing it so why cant the duna direct system work the same way. just a thought.

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  • 5 months later...

Wanted to say thanks for this great mod!

Only problem I have is that engines have no sound at all when firing! 

Using KSP 1.9.1. Also Restock and Restock+ with Kerbalism and bunch of other mods.

Any ideas how to fix it?


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