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Possible Bug? Untagged Biomes


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When on EVA and taking surface samples (on Duna in this case), I get the biome as "Untagged".  I can toss these results and try again to get the same results.


So I planted a quick flag, tossed the results...


...and tried again and it works; I notice that the long description changed in the same location, too.


Any ideas?

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A very interesting theory.  Thanks.

The spot was in in the "northwest" corner of the map, in a crater (bottom flag).  As you can see from the zoom, it was a fair distance to the next biome border (about a full degree in map coordinates).

0zYwDtG.png mQC0y9D.png

But the map may be imprecise with respect to the actual biome borders so I'm going to attempt another landing at the same location to see if I can re-find the "broken" region.

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@Laie I had thought so, too, and this is how I do my biome selections.  Scansat maps are still showing each biome properly as I walk the mouse over them (I never saw "Untagged" once).  And I was able to reproduce the problem in another landing zone: when EVAed on the surface, the first sample taken was Untagged; discard and plant a temporary flag; remove the flag; now samples are properly tagged.  So it may not be location specific but an actual weird little bug.

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