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Downloading ships from Kerbalx to game help?



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Welcome to the forum :)

After downloading the craft file, you have to copy/move it into the 'Ships' folder of your save game which is located in:

(green marked passages are individual to your install/save game)

You will find two more folders, called 'SPH' (SpacePlane Hangar) and 'VAB' (Vehicle Assembly Building). If you put the craft file in one (or both) of these folders, it will become available in this particular save game and building.

A quick example how a full path can look like: Kerbal Space Program\saves\Challenges\Ships\VAB\Mun-STS-1.craft

There is another 'Ships' folder just in your KSP install directory which contains all stock crafts. You can put the downloaded craft file there as well and it will be available on every savegame which allows stock crafts (usually every sandbox game) but I would not recommend to place it there, just to keep things clean.

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Welcome to the forums.

Assuming you use Windows, when you download the craft file it will end up in your Downloads folder. Then you have to know where your KSP game is stored. Assuming you got it from Steam, it'll probably be under something like C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program.

Underneath that directory is "saves/TheNameOfYourCurrentGame/Ships/

and then a SPH and VAB directory. Copy your downloaded craft files to whichever of the two is appropriate.

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