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Stock boats for use Eve+other oxygenless moded worlds with oceans


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So I was trying to put together some stock boats that I could use on Eve, Tekto, and my duna with lakes/seas mod.

I have a bit of experience with stock bearings, but haven't really been able to make a stock propeller work for us in water (nor one that can redock for practical use in game: going on-rails with the prop separated from the main craft is very very bad).

So far this is all I was able to get to work... its speed is .... disappointing...



Can anyone share other craft for inspiration?

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This was an electric boat I made for a race to the island challenge. Eventually cruised at about 60 m/s. Uses RCS balls for bearing construction and has many reaction wheels for power, plus some batteries and rtgs to keep the electricity flowing. Props counter rotate to prevent excessive torque. I can try to upload a craft file soon ish. 

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Hmm, interesting. I tried counter rotating props on a twin boom plane, and it didn't move once in the water *massive drag lines showed for the prop blades in the water, but no lift lines. Do hydroplanes not really work now? I could swear they did, but this think didn't move at all.

A single prop plane in the water just went sideways, like the paddlewheel.

Keeping it out of the water seems like a clever solution to let it spin up and use air where they can make forward lift... but... I have some modded worlds where the atmosphere is very thin, and the water is just as dense as normal (duna with seas, since 0.0667 atmospheres is plenty for liquid water after all). I also did a modification to laythe to scale it down to a smaller size (relatively, I'm playing 3x rescale), with a lower surface gravity and a lower atmospheric pressure (the gravity was reduced by the same percent as the atmosphere was reduced, so flying speeds remain unchanged).

In these cases, there is very little air to push off of, so I'd still be looking for a good option...

And then there are submersible boats... I really want to make a stock eve submersible, but I'm at a loss as to how to propel it (rockets are not an option, I want the sub to be able to go more than a few meters!), and it seems screw-propellers don't work in water (why not though? hydroplanes seem to work, dynamic diving subamrines work.... doesn't make sense to me)

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Yea, normally I do jet engines for boats and subs, but that won't work on Tekto or Eve, so my only options there are modded electric fan/propellor parts.

I'm looking for a stock solution now.

This sub works on laythe and Kerbin, plus some other modded worlds with oceans and O2 in the atmo, but I like to use stock designs even if the worlds aren't stock.


As you can see, its just an airbreathing wheesley jet engine

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