Race to Mars team competition challenge (stock)

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When you join the challenge, pick team A or team B.  Each team starts with 100,000 in the bank.  When you do a mission for your team, you can repeat it as many times as you want, but no quicksaving or reloading.  Make sure to record the cost of each mission, each attempt subtracts from your bank.  If a kerbal dies, you also lose 20,000 per kerbal, so put in a LES!  Each user can only complete 2 missions.

Before you do a mission, you must announce it.  Each team can only have one person per team working on a mission at a time.  You must complete the mission within 24 hours, or someone it will be someone else's turn.  Tier three and four missions allow 48 hours per turn.

There are tiers of missions, all missions in lower tiers must be completed before higher tier missions are.

No mods*, reentry heat must be set to 120%, no comnet.

*Hyperedit very helpful for setting stuff up

*Graphics mods and kerbal engineer are encouraged

No nukes until tier three.

First to Mars wins!

Tier One 

Orion Flight Test- Launch an unmanned capsule that seats at least 6 kerbals to an altitude of at least 4000 kilometers and splash down safely.  Bounty: 15,000.  

Commercial Crew- First, cheat/hyperedit a space station to orbit, that has at least two docking ports and the capacity for ore.  The station does not count against your cost.  Then, launch a capsule that holds at least 7 kerbals to orbit and dock with the station.  The capsule must have a second section, carrying at least 2 tons of ore, that detaches from the crew part and docks with the other station docking port.  Both sections of the capsule must deorbit separately, and the crew capsule must land/splash down safely.  Bounty: 25,000 for the first team, 10,000 for the second.  Bonuses: +20,000 if it is a shuttle and lands on a runway.  +20,000 if it is not a shuttle but lands propulsively without parachutes.  +10,000 if it lands within sight of the KSC.

Osiris-Rex- Return ore from an asteroid to the surface of kerbin.  Bounty: 20,000.

Parker- Launch a probe than gets within 500,000 km of the sun and survives.  Bounty: 20,000

Tier Two

EM 1- Launch a 6 kerbal or more capsule to orbit the Mun.  Bounty: 40,000 for the first team, 30,000 for the second.  Bonuses: +15,000 if manned.  +2500 per satellite also launched(up to 12).  You must launch at least three.  At least one satellite must land on the Mun, one must land on Minimus, and one must slingshot around the Mun to be ejected from the kerbin SOI.  

Mars 2020- Land a rover on Duna.  Collect data and store it in a detachable science container.  Bounty: 20,000.  Bonus: +20,000 if you have a detachable stock props helicopter. 

Asteroid Redirect- Send a probe to an asteroid of at least size C, nudge it so it passes through the kerbin SOI, and then retrieve at least 34 tons of ore.  Bring this ore to the orbit of Minimus.  Bounty: 100,000.  

EM 2- Cheat ore tanks into Minimus orbit(no cost).  Launch a 6 kerbal or more capsule to first orbit the Mun and leave a habitat with room for 6 kerbals there, then orbit Minimus and rendezvous with the ore tanks.  Then return to Kerbin.  Bounty: 100,000.

Tier Three

Mars Sample Return- Send a satellite to Duna, with the ability to transfer data with the ascent module and a return capsule to land to the data pod on Kerbin.  Then, collect some data from the launch pad or something, detach a science storage pod, then teleport that one part to the surface of Duna(this does not count for the cost).  Then, land on Duna, get the pod or its data, and launch back to the satellite.  Then return the data to kerbin.  Bounty: 150,000 for the first team, 100,000 for the second.

Manned Asteroid Visit- Send 6 kerbals or more to an asteroid that is outside the SOI of kerbin.  Return to kerbin safely.  Bounty: 150,000.

Manned Mars Orbit- You can hyperedit a habitat to munar orbit for free.  Then, launch a ion propulsion module to dock with it, and then launch a 6 kerbal or more return capsule to dock with it.  Orbit Duna in a circular orbit and return to munar orbit, then return the kerbals to kerbin.  Bounty: 200,000 for the first team, 150,000 for the second.

Manned Ike Landing- Same as above, except you can hyperedit both the ion module and the habitat module for free.  Land on Ike, and leave a ore miner and processor on its surface.  Return safely to Kerbin. Bounty: 150,000

Tier Four (This is the only tier that requires craft sharing, hyperedit, and has to be done in order)

Rover- Land a rover on Duna with a capacity of 4 kerbals.  Bounty: 100,000

Surface Habitat- Land a habitat capable of holding 8 kerbals on Duna.  You can hyperedit an ore mining facility there for free. Bounty: 150,000

Ike Habitat- Land a habitat capable of holding 8 kerbals on Ike. Bounty: 150,000

Descent ascent vehicle- Launch an unmanned craft with a capacity of 4 kerbals.  Land it on Duna, no mining, and land on Ike.  Refuel there.  Bounty: 150,000

Mars Landing: You can get to Duna however you want, but you must have at least 6 kerbals onboard, and seats for 10.  Get the kerbals on the DAV, land, take off, land the DAV on Ike, and go home.  Or, you could first stay on Ike before going down to Duna.  You must drive at least 10 km in the rover.  Return safely to Kerbin.  Bounty: YOU WIN!!!

Good Luck

Team A:


@W. Kerman


Money- 100,000

Team B: Mission in progress- turn ends 15:50 EST tommorow


@53miner53 one mission

Money- 86,287

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BTW, you have to join the team that currently has less players.

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Also, the first team to finish a tier gets +50,000

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22 hours ago, W. Kerman said:

I’ll join team A.

You are allowed to start now

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This looks like a very interresting challenge and I will probably attempt one or two missions at some point, after completing a few STS missions ! :)

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52 minutes ago, SpaceN00b said:

Ill join team and start the orion test flight

which team?

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8 hours ago, SpaceN00b said:

sorry team a

Ok you're in.  You can start your mission now.

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