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[No new chapters] Inter-Kuniversal: The endeavour of Kerbals through universes

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Chapter 5: Exploration

(Still no new Custom Kerbals.)

Gene: So, you say that there was a new planet?

Hanson: Yes, we probably shoud send a probe there.

They built a rocket.

Hanson: It's past the dres-teroid belt. are you sure it's powerful enough?

Gene: Sure is.

The probe is on LKO.

Gene said to Linus: We're going to go to the outskirts of the dres-teroid belt.

Linus: Seems Ok.

Gene: Wha- The Probe has a warp?! Who put that in there!

Linus: The warp seems like a good tool to actually get there quick.

Gene: Alright then.

Fred: Alright, we're going to put the broadcast online, the KSC and the News channels can see it.

Meanwhile at the Astronaut complex:

Val: If the planet rumours Hanson said are true, then we'll go explore it!

Jeb responded: Probably, we don't know.

A few Hours later…

The probe sent it's first picture.

i don't know how to put inert attachments so don't be annoyed i didn't put it

Gene: It seems that it exists? we'll later do some atmospheric composition tests, it seems to have an atmo.

Linus: I can see a cloud and... a blue patch?

Wernher came:

It seems to have water. what's the temperature?

Gene and Linus responded: We don't know yet. We'll wait a few hours mo- did it suddenly teleport to Low orbit?

Wernher: Okay, so we can do an Exosphere Composition test!

They Did the test.

The sheet printed out showed:

8O, 18Ar, And other carbon-based gases.

Wernher: The atmosphere… IS HABITABLE?!

Gene: Send another pic of it.

The second Picture showed Oceanic activity.

Gene: it's habitable!

~~~End Chapter~~~

Alright, i was on a bit of a rush and i couldn't put the pics in, so i hope you enjoyed it.

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Chapter 6: A base on Kibbos(not the GPO one)

Gene: Now that we've discovered the planet what name should we give it?

Wernher: Mjolnir?

Gene: Too Mythological.

Wernher: Kibbos?

Gene: Exactly! i think we should get a base there.

Wernher: Totally, we should do that for exploration of the planet. also, we'll get a launch pad and a Runway there.

Gene: Let's go to assembly!

They did all the parts for the base. the crew were the guys who have gone in the Trans-kuniversal docking.

Jeb: We're at cockpit, Gene.

Gene: Alright then. T-15 seconds to launch.

Val: Hanson, are you sure Liam's going to be okay in Kibbos?

Hanson: Yeah, it's kerbin-like.

Pasco: Guys, Bill is shivering.

Liam: Are you okay Bill?

Bill: Yeah, i'm a bit scared, that's all.

Jeb: Get ready to launch!

Gene: 9, 8, 7, Nitrogen Cutoff, 6, 5, 4, 3,  Launch Clamps Released, 2, 1 and Launch! Kibbos is a Habitable planet!

They got to HKiO.

Gene: Do you hear me Kibbos Space Center?

Jeb: Loud and clear.

Val: Hanson's... well, Excited i suppose?

Hanson: Yeah, i discovered it! that's why i'm so excited!

Gene: Alright, Pasco, Get to the back Cockpit.

Pasco: Done!

Gene: Prepare retrorockets, we're going to make a base!

Jeb: Sure do.

Sometime passed until they got Suborbital trajectory.

Jeb: Gene, what's flight plan?

Gene responded: Reentry, check, Landing, check, Establishing Base, Check. Well, it's all you heard me do.

Jeb: Allright.

Wernher pops in: Are the science experiments ready?

Val: Yes!

Gene: Then, "Good Night"! We'll call when you've survived.

They reentered and landed in a Grasslands biome.

Gene: Do you hear me KiSC?

Jeb: Yes, Loud and Clear.

Gene: Start popping out the base parts, Val will go EVA.

Val: Sure do.

Wernher: Val, before you go out, the atmosphere is breathable, so you can go without a helmet.


Gene: Guys, calm down, please.

The Base parts were all set and ready to go.

Gene: Guys, you'll be launching from the KiSC Lauchpad From now. It makes the job for warping to other systems, Like Kerbos Easier.

Jeb: Sure do.


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Chapter 7: A warp to the Nova Kirbani System

Jeb: Gene, when are we gonna make the first launch here on KiSC? 

Gene: I don't know, probably tomorrow. 

Val Pops in: 

Let's actually visit the Mirn system. i've heard that an habitable moon called Taythe is in there. 

Jeb: that's a great idea! 

Meanwhile at the KSC administration building: 

Linus: i'm starting to worry about the KiSC alone, how will they build ships? 

Gus: Yeah, let's plan a warp mission.

back to the KiSC:

Gene: Alright, the half of the VAB's engineers are there, so let's plan a warp to Nova Kirbani.

Jeb: Sure, we'll board on the launchpad.

Hanson: Guys, there's an animal just by the Launchpad, Will anyone come to see it?

Jeb, Val And Pasco responded: Yes!

A few hours later…

Gene: Have you boarded yet?

Jeb: Yes, all ready for interstellar travel.

Linus: We'll get some science reports over there, it's a really unknown system, and we'll probably discover some other planets.

Gene: Launch in T-10 Seconds!

Gene: 9, 8, Nitrogen Cutoff, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Launch clamps released, 1 and Lift-off! this time, we're going interstellar.

While in Interstellar space between Kerbol and the Nova Kirbani System...

Liam popped in:

I'm pretty excited that we're going to visit the Outer Kirb System!

Val and Adbury: Yeah! we're going to do stuff there!

Jeb: I think i see Keles.

Pasco: Yeah, me too. i think we've arrived at Kirb or is it an illusion?

Pasco: Nah, it's Hypat at it's apoapsis…

Bill: Why did you tease me?

Jeb: Are we going insane?

Pasco: But, why? we've been like 2 Hours here! Wait what? are you thinking on some weird twisted things?

Jeb: I don't know why am i thinking on that, but how?

Pasco: i dunno.

Gene: Guys, get ready to get to Warp 4!

Val: Sure! i'll be expecting it.

Gene: And..... NOW!

Jeb: Woah!

Bill: I'm seeing Mirn or are we on an earlier Kerbol system?

Pasco: This time is real dude, i see Sulph from a telescope.

Wernher popped in:

Alright guys, you've successfully reached Kirb.

The crew responded in happiness:


Wernher: We're going to do a inserption maneuver to Mirn's SOI in T-3 Hours.

Jeb: I'd better get ready for beautiful views!

Val: Have you brought your camera from home?

Jeb responded: Yes! i'm excited for Mirn!

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(Important announcement)

! Story on hold until i get my KSP installs back ! (or not?)

 so, you may ask what happened here.

The thing is that the file that i had my KSP on got erased because i wanted to install a 3ds emulator (Citra)

Until i get my KSP, KSS and Visual mods (also hy-(censored))i'll continue it.

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In memoriam of @HansonKerman

i hope you're coming back on the forums soon.

Chapter 8: A fiery descent

Jeb: So, uh, what were we doing?

Val: a descent to Taythe.

Bill: i better get ready, because this is going to be awesome!

Gene: Guys, the descent to the Surface of Taythe Will have some disturbances.

The crew responded:


Gene said with a tone of worrying about the crew:

Wernher discovered some wind jets high in Taythe's Atmosphere.

Jeb soon after said:

I am starting to plan a good way to enter the atmosphere in an angle that makes the wind not affect us.

Bill: Map, where are we in orbit?

Map's AI: Stable orbit, no worries.


Liam: Where should we start the atmosphere inserption burn?

Jeb soon responded: I don't know.

Hanson: Probably in T-10 Secs?

Jeb: Yeah, sure.

Throttle engines!

A few seconds later...

Jeb: if all goes fine, we'll land on a grasslands biome.

Gene called radio:

Transplanetarial, do you hear me?

Pasco: Loud and Clear, Gene.

Gene: Do you have the heatshield?

Jeb: Yes, we're in a "Knife" angle.

Gene: Alright, so, Wernher says that you'll be reentering in a few minutes. Good luck then!

Jeb: As usual, we'll call if we've survived.

Gene: Okay!

Map's AI: Reentering in 5 Minutes...


Gene said then:

Be ready for reentry!

Bob: Okay. Also, we'll cut coms so nothing gets affected.

Val: Look at the sky, Jeb!


A few minutes later….

Hanson: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and... TOUCHDOWN!


The crew yelled:


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"A quick look at": Mirn

Hello, Pascovian Here.

You may be asking, what is Mirn even doing here?

i actually wanted to do this for quite a while.

Well, Here's Mirn



Version took from: 1.5.0    Taken from: Taythe.     Moons seen: Sulph and Hesmin (Little spec under Sulph)


What's the idea for this:

i want to give some "flavor" to the fanfic, so you don't ask me (if anyone even asks) where are more images.

this is a sort of supplementarial entry only consisting of an image ingame and maybe seeing the body in question if it doesn't appear in the images.



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Announcement: Development stuck

Hey, Pascovian here.

now, the reason of why the development of this "Fan-Fic" is interrupted is because my PC can't handle that many visual mods, and there is some i need for KSP to look well. I hope that whoever reads this/follows this thread understands, but i'll be back soon.

Oh and, i need to update to 1.6.0

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Chapter 9: An alarming discovery

On the surface of taythe...

Gene: Guys, Guys, do you all hear me?

The crew responded:

Loud and clear!

Gene responded soon after:

So, while you were entering the atmosphere of Taythe, we discovered something worrying.

Liam and Pasco responded:

What is it?

Gene: There's unknown radiation sources coming from the proximities of karkua.

A few hours before...

Wernher: Gene, i need you to see this...

Gene responded curiously:

What is it?

Wernher: I have been studying karkua and making observations to it, and i discovered a huge radiation source of what seems to be the core of Kermes.

Gene: We should alarm the crew to this, they are unprotected against the source

Linus: Karkua seems to be orbiting something?

Gene and Wernher responded:

We need to keep this a secret, Jeb and the rest doesn't need to know about this.

Back to the present...

Adbury: So we're unprotected?

Wernher broke into the microphone:

Not so fast!- Mirn has a huge magnetosphere, that should keep you all protected.

Jeb: So we can do our normal labours and touristic stuff around here safely?

Gene: Yeah, sure

Bill: Yay, my camera will be put to use!

A few hours later...

Liam: Ahhhh, first night under the warm night of Taythe.

Adbury: Yeah, the moons and the other planets are gorgeus.

Val: Wait, is that Hypat?

Jeb: Yeah... I think we should take a photo of it-

Hanson interrupts Jeb:

I think that Hypat would be a good target to travel.

Pasco: Yeah, let's advice or flying plan to Gene.

Val: Gene, do you hear me?

Gene: loud and clear as always!

Val: We want to inform you that we're going back to the kerbol system for a small visit.

Gene: To which planet?

Val: Hypat.

Gene: We need some kerbals taking care of the Taythe base. Is that OK?

Val: Sure, it is ok

Gene: we're going to go to the expedition tomorrow, get ready!

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Doubt anyone is seeing this but ok.


I'm going to stop making chapters indefinitely over here due to my computer not handling so many mods on KSP (I have like 120 mods with a KSP 1.7.0 install) and primarily due to the lack of ideas to make chapters and stuff like teasers.

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!Another Announcement! ~~CANCELLATION~~

In regards to this fan-fic, it will get cancelled indefinitely until I find some motivation to actually make a new chapter or just having nothing to do but playing KSP. Apart of that, my birthday is in 5 days so i need to chill a little bit as for me playing games.

-Sadly, Pascovian.



There's nothing in this spoiler, as I just filled it with enter and spaces.(?)

20/09/2139 AKE
-Begin Log-
This is the last day of the planet habitability exploration.
I haven't seen anyone for a while, considering they all died by the impact. I'm thinking of building an escape shuttle from the surviving parts of the entry ship.
They all got mel-
-Corrupt log, ending log.-
As a perturbating silence filled the room, there were static sounds nearby.
This is not an ARG, it's a little secret teaser hinting for a really advanced chapter (Chapter 20) for you guys.

You just discovered a secret! Secrets discovered: 1/10


I feel like I'm putting too much effort towards a secret.


Edited by Pascovian
Added a spoiler for no reason
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