Derivative Textures for Procedural Parts, v 1.1

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Procedural Parts and its supporting texture packs include a number of interesting textures that are unique in color or styling, or are simply different enough from the others that it can be difficult to use them seamlessly on your craft designs.  This texture pack attempts to build sets of related textures around the unique ones, or fill in some gaps in the existing sets.

Have you ever wished for more dark red textures to go with the default Mu texture?  Or how about the set of assorted black & white blocks and stripes, except in navy blue and white, or soyuz green and white instead?  Well, here they are.


 All textures are derived and edited from default Procedural Parts textures or other texture packages with permissive licenses.

Credits for original artwork are as follows:

  Corestar - MainSailor  
  Skylab - MainSailor  
  Vanguard - MainSailor  
  Charcoal - MainSailor  
  Delphi - MainSailor
  SoyuzGreen - Chestburster  
  GreySide - Chestburster  
  RedstoneStripes - Chestburster  
  TitanStripes - Chestburster  
  PlainWhite - Chestburster  
  Mu - Dante80  
  CryogenicOrange - blackheart612  
  StockEnd - Ancient Gammoner  

This texture pack is compatible with all versions of KSP that are supported by the Procedural Parts mod.    
Download from SpaceDock

Merge the included GameData folder with the GameData folder in your KSP folder.  These textures require Procedural Parts to function.  MainSailor and blackheart612 texture packs are recommended.

Creative Commons -- Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Edited by RoboRay
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Update to version 1.1.

  • Removed tiling effect on Mu-pattern color variants.
  • Added MainSailor Delphi and Blackheart612 CryogenicOrange color sets

There's also a couple of other new patterns thrown in that I didn't keep good track of, so consider it an adventure in scrolling through the texture options.  :)

Edited by RoboRay
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