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Graphics Glitch and Possible Mod conflict?


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Not sure what is causing this, but on Kerbin at Space Central the entire map is glitchy as heck. At any you try to move the camera around it looks like parts of the ocean are bleeding through the ground. Making any of the facilities unclickable. Another graphics glitch is around Eve. It makes the planet look like a gas giant when you try to zoom in. If anyone recognizes any of these types of Symptoms please chime in to let me know. Here is the entire list of Mods I have installed: 


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21 hours ago, linuxgurugamer said:

Provide a log fee as well, please.

Also, describe in as much detail as you can you environment, OS, hardware, etc.

As for the log I wouldn't know where to start. Usually out in space above Kerbin, at Space center, Windows 10 64bit, 16GB RAM, Ryzen 5 2400G, GTX 1080. 

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And it looks like you have EVERY flare from FlareReplacer installed at once. You are only supposed to install 1. 

Additionally, I don’t even know if flare replacer works with RSS

You also have a “GameData” folder in your KSP\GameData folder. 

And one other thing, you have KSS and RSS installed at the same time. They do not work together at all.

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