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Bussard Fusion Torchship WIP


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So I've been fiddling with this design for a while, mostly because @FreeThinker requested a new Bussard Fusion torch-drive for KSPI. Well, now Everyone gets a whole massive ship. lol
It's very WIP. I've changed some details from the original concept blueprint for practicality sake.

Primary changes include radiators at the front and back, a pair of docking ports, and a 'command tower' at the bottom.

I haven't quite figured out the scale yet but, it's probably gonna easily be 900m.

I'd like any input or opinions.


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So I fiddled with making a pretty RCS thing today:
I wanted it to clear the side of it so I can't move it in any really. Not really sure what to do with it's mounting arm though.
You can also sort of see my update to the collector grid arm. There's a very temporary hangar over the airlock but I don't like it and it's getting deleted.

On any of it?

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Alright, made a new imgur.


Business end of the torch drive.



For the first time ever, i made a thruster plume for a thing. except i haven't gotten it to work in KSP yet though.



Buisness end of the collector.



Current WIP is the habitat. I did cutouts for windows on he side, and a cut a cylinder in the middle as another observation area.


I'd really like to hear any opinions or criticisms.

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Still not dead. Gave the bridge more greeble shapes and moved it up top.


Did some work on the RCS cluster. Also added 'transmitters' to the antenna to give a better sense of scale.

Also created a radiator grid at the rear although it appears to have vanished from my blender save. :( Annoying.

I'd still really like opinions.

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Unless there's some interest in this I'm probably gonna low priority this after i get the collector and the plume exported for FreeThinker.
I have a number of non-KSP things I'm working on and a few older meshes I'd like to update for KSPI. I've been loosing motivation for this anyway. I'm not even sure anyone would notice. :/

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I would definitely notice! Finding this thread today was a very welcomed coincidence, since I learned what a Bussard Ramjet is only a couple of days ago. It looks amazing, truly interstellar scale! How big are those RCS pods?
Anyway don't abandon this, the list of awesome unfinished mods is already too big :(

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Looks great! My comment would be that for something this big could you just provide a cluster with mounting points for some size 3 engines - or even do without RCS as something this size would only need to change course (it's not going to dock to anything - things will dock to it) so a surface mounted engine to point it in a different direction would suffice.

We don't have anything else like this and I would like to see this in game - I've been peeking in occasionally but haven't had anything to add - but if your losing motivation I'd say don't push yourself - this is for fun after all and pushing yourself will just cause burnout. Come back to it later when you have some fresh ideas and the itch to play with it returns.


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