The challenge: Race from the Island Runway to the next island over and plant a flag on the summit. The catch: you are not allowed to fly. LEADERBOARD @mystifeid 4:58  (Really interesting inverted Rover design) @sturmhauke 8:06 (Who needs finesse for climbing, when you can just use raw thrust?) @Klapaucius 9:50 (Some pretty graceless driving) @capi3101 13:00 (The plane to rover to boat hybrid) @vyznev 13:03  (The high speed inflatable Navy Seals version) @XLjedi 20:19  (Best run from a total Kerbal mission standpoint)           NOTE: If you have the Making History expansion, you can simply launch from the Island Airfield. If you do not, feel free to use whatever method (transport, hyperedit, cheat) you need to get to the island. Since your craft will be amphibious, you can always drive it there.  Start from where you see the aircraft in the screenshot below (anywhere on the east side of the hangar is fine).     RULES: 1. You must launch from the Island Runway from the SPH. 2.  You may not fly (as stated above) or take to the air in any manner. No ballistics.  (Temporarily leaving the ground because you are driving too fast is okay). 3. You can go on the surface, make a submarine or drive along the bottom.  Amphibious hydrofoils, speedboats, submarines and weighted rovers are the way to go. 4. You may only use one vehicle and you may not shed parts. So, no driving to an awaiting boat or driving a light buggy off a barge or shedding or dumping ore containers. What leaves the Island Runway must arrive at the summit. 4. You must plant a flag on the summit. The summit is at an altitude of 1050 meters.  5.  You need to get your vehicle onto the green, grassy part of the top of the island, but you only need to get your Kerbal and your flag to the absolute summit. 6. You can use whatever mods you want so long as they don't alter the physics of the game.  7. When launching from a runway, the clock  starts once you are powered up and hit the spacebar. That that will be considered the start of your race. (UPDATE: If you do not have Making History, take a screenshot at the start of your run showing the clock or use the F3.) 8. Take a screenshot of you and your flag on the summit. We should be able to see the time and altitude indicators. F3 is fine for time as well.  (NOTE: @sturmhauke discovered that terrain heights can vary with environmental mods, so that will be taken into account if it occurs.) 9. As always with my challenges: the spirit of the challenge is important. I cannot think of a rule for every exception. Be very creative but be reasonable. 10. @Triop has no excuse not to enter this challenge. 11. Once you have planted your flag on the summit, revert back your vessel and hit F3. That is your end time. 12. Complete the challenge and proudly display this amazing bit of graphic design work.  Well not so much for the design, but it does feature @XLjedi's most excellent amphibious vehicle.      
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