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Could someone please make a moon for this planet?


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Hello. I am doing an extended grand tour and wanted to use the Dwarf Planets Plus pack in my mission, however there is one issue I have run into.

Among the assorted dwarf planets, there is the ice giant Morbheana (pictured below), which has no moons. How does one visit a planet in a grand tour if it has no moons and no surface? I was going to reach out to the mod's creator in hopes they might have a small moon or two planned, but found they haven't been online since June. I would make a moon myself, but I feel like making a moon for my own mission would be cheaty (and besides I suck at it), so I figured here would be the best place to ask for someone to make a small moon for this lonely gas giant.

If one of you readers decide to make one, I would like to request that the moon be visually unique (Could have a stupidly large ring or be a bright color or something). Something I think would be cool would be a mini Duna of sorts, complete with a thin atmo, wacky colors and unnecessarily large ring, or a giant giant mountain. Also if you do decide to undertake this and make a moon thanks a ton!

Here is a picture of Morbheana from the tracking station:


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