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The Rinkeutov Project

Hello everyone, I am trying to make a small Duna sized planet for the outer outer solar system. This is my first planet. Once I learn how to make this one work I hope to make more planets/moons for it and release a planet pack.

So far I have managed to make it exist, but I am very bad at doing this and only have a small idea of what I'm doing. 

To do list:

- Fix atmosphere pressure.

- Add surface

- Add ocean

- Add color

- Add clouds


To come once it starts working





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On 10/7/2018 at 11:28 PM, DeltaDizzy said:

Ah yes, the white sphere. Are your file paths all correct?


I believe so but the colors aren't loading. I wonder if it could be a kopernicus issue, but other planet packs are working so I think it's unlikely that koernicus is the problem. I must have messed something up and not noticed it.

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Ok I've made some progress. Now the atmosphere works but the pressure needs some tweaking. I clearly put the decimal in the wrong spot. The height map still works, but now the surface doesn't have colliders, in addition to still not being visible.

The download link has been updated and the thread was restructured to make it easier to read.

If you are an experienced planet maker and want to help me with this project I would greatly appreciate it. Any assistance, guidance or advice would be extremely helpful to me.

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24 minutes ago, Adstriduum said:

@JacobJHCThere's a whole community of planet modders on the Kopernicus Discord that can help you. Do check it out.


Thanks! I've glanced around a bit. Which channel would the issues I'm having fit in? 

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