KerbalEDU Mission: Principia Mun "Free Return" Flyby

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Kerbal Scenarios & Missions using the n-body gravitation & angular momentum mod "Principia"

[edit 2020 March: expanded this topic to cover EDU related Principia activities rather than just one Mun mission]

Table of Contents (= Links to key posts below with details):

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WIP updates

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 KerbalEDU Mission:

Principia Mun "Free Return" FlyBy

Why Use this KerbalEdu Scenario


Plan your 1km Sunset crater FlyOver: (a.k.a Expensive Real Near Future Space Tourism)

Learn Principia: tinker with an already created flight plan

  • Explore Plotting Reference Frames
  • Principia uses delta-V sliders rather than maneuver nodes.
  • adjust maneuver to fly lower through canyon
  • add maneuver to enter Mun orbit
  • add maneuver to slingshot to Mimus

Free Return Trajectory Fun...try to (or not to) skip off the atmosphere on return!




Scenario Requirements & Credits:



On 2/4/2014 at 7:19 PM, eggrobin said:

KerbalEDU 1.3.1 & 1.4.5 must use the release (Fatou)This is the last version to support KSP 1.3.1 and 1.4.5.  To download the binary (Macintosh, Ubuntu, and Windows) click:

  1. here for 1.3.1 &
  2. here for 1.4.x, 1.5.1, 1.6.1, and 1.7.0;


DRAFT Principia Mun Flight Plan Saves

KerbalEDU x64 1.3.1 :

KerbalEDU x64 1.4.5:

  • use the current Principia build for 1.4.5 & above .sfs made in 1.3.1 work just fine also in 1.4.5 

the .craft files:

Instructions: some ways to use the .sfs save file...

  • Place the .sfs file in the main KerbalEDU-->Saves-->Scenarios folder then launch from the Scenarios menu in game....OR...
  • you may  also rename the .sfs. to "persistent.sfs" and place it in a new folder you create & name in KerbalEDU-->Saves.  Then open from the "Resume Saved" menu in game



Mission Draft Ideas, Issues, Etc.:

You are welcome to post suggestions in comments!

  • NO KerbalEDU Mission Editor event triggers have been added yet as craft & 'free return trajectory' timing are still being edited
  • Vessel has added EDUtools so the .sfs files fail to load the craft in regular KSP
    • note EDU force indicator in 1.3.1 experiences drag:
    • 0PFsu6k.png
  • Experiment with various re-entries:
    • 9B43Bzs.png
  • Mun approach angle considerations:
  1. lit crescent approach
  2. celestial timing: easier Mimus "add maneuver" transfer option


More Images:GZxK8FT.png

Change Log:

  • 2019 June: updated links for the final Principia release that supports 1.3.1 & 1.4.5
  • 2018 Dec 14: verified the .sfs files work fine in KerbalEdu x64 1.4.5 & revised images
  • 2018 Dec 7: added .craft files
  • 2018 Oct 26: clarified x64 KerbalEDU required
  • 2018 Oct 8: Created Post & added initial KSP 1.3.1 draft WIP .sfs files
xTbCwT6.png z7n4DrQ.png
4Olussg.png 38Ii9zR.png


And...some Astronomy with KSP & Principia:


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Posted (edited)

Useful update notes regarding experimentation & scenario creation when using Principia saves:

Excerpts from the change proposed in issue #2457 since "A vessel that gets teleported to another planet should be ignored and forgotten by Principia while that happens."

  • "The canonical way to make Principia ignore a vessel in-game is to hack gravity (in the cheat menu) while it is active; this can be used to set its orbit using the cheat menu.  This is however not persistent, so we have explicit mechanism to support save file editing. "
  • "If you are doing save file editing, you have full control of the save file: the identity of the vessel for Principia’s purposes is its pid (A GUID, corresponding to the C# fields ProtoVessel.vesselID, Replacing that by a GUID you generate yourself will make the vessel appear to be a new one, unknown to Principia, obviating any issues involved with vessels changing while under Principia’s control."
    • details on a 'fortuitous' way of save file editing of Principa saves that appears to work relatively well:c7DoIHC.png

Also, the Principia team has added a remarkable new capability to the mod in their recent Principia release.  While KerbalEDU needs to be updated to something beyond KSP 1.4.5 to work with current versions of Principia, the Principia team's video is worth an anticipatory view:


Principia team's videos: angular momentum, moments of inertia & time warp: (yes, physics DURING time warp! )


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