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Inquiry: can the collars of the new suits be removed?

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I don’t have access to KSP right now, so I’m gonna ask this before I sit down and check:

Do the new suits have a fixed collar or can it be removed with the helmet, at least for the IVA version?

If this is not the case, I urge Squad to make a collarless suit model for use with texture mods. Lots of people need it in their cinematics, machinimas and other stuff, including me.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

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As far as I know, nope.

There are two models set for Kerbals: "ships" (Kerbals on EVA are a "walking/flying ship") and scenario (workman on VAB/SPH). The formers are irreplaceable (or at least, nobody managed to do this stunt yet), and the later are unaccessible by mods.

I am one that have some crazy/stupid ideas that would need this feature, so I second that.

(not sure if I helping saying that! Hehe)

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