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ORIN Space Consortium - Episode 1: AEGON 1 satellite


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After renting out a launch pad at the KSC, the ORIN Space Consortium are ready to test out their launch vehicle.


This is the satellite that they will be launching, based on the AEGON satellite bus. It has batteries, solar panels, and some relay antennae so it can act as a CommSat.


ORIN Space Consortium's initial launch vehicle, the Rhaegal booster (all of these are named after characters from A Song of Ice and Fire). The Rhaegal has two stages; the first is powered by six Mk-55 Thud engines, and the second by a Bobcat (the engine, not the feline).

Commencing countdown. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...



The rocket has launched and it seems to be doing well so far. No crashing into the launch clamps, no pinwheeling, and it has enough thrust to actually take off.


Commencing gravity turn. The Thud engines have a very good gimbal range of 8 degrees. From now on, gravity will do the work as we fly into orbit.


Breaking the sound barrier. The rocket is now going supersonic. Nothing bad has happened yet.


And now it has gone hypersonic.


The trajectory will now carry the rocket into space. Ejecting the fairing and cruising to apoapsis to commence the orbital insertion burn.


Reigniting engines for the circularisation burn.


The first stage has burned out. Separating the stages and igniting the second stage engines. Don't worry about the explosion, it's just the decoupler.


And we have achieved Low Kerbin Orbit! (mass celebration at mission control.) The Rhaegal booster has been proven to be orbit-capable.


The satellite is released from the second stage.


The AEGON 1 satellite, in orbit, with all of the solar panels and antennae extended.

That's a wrap for episode 1, folks. Stay tuned for more launches from ORIN Space Consortium. Suggestions for missions are appreciated, but no spaceplanes!

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