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Improved Burn Time Bug?


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The new burn time feature is doing something kooky with this vessel - the tanks are still half full, and according to KE it has 11 min of burn and over 4000dv, but the burn timer indicates that it has 0dv and that a 66dv burn would take over 10 minutes. I'm pretty sure this is some kind of bug, but I don't know what's screwing it up; the nuclear engines maybe? The craft only has stock parts.


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Update: Quitting the game and reloading didn't fix the issue, but it gets kookier: when I deactivate one of the nukes, the burn time suddenly changes to something reasonable (see spoiler). But when the nuke is activated again, it shows the same nutty result pictured above. This leads me to suspect it has something to with the engine plate... Has anyone else encountered something like this?




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There’s been a few complaints about the new dV burn indicator thingy majig. All of which (that I have seen) also using the nuclear engines...

I’d say you were right, there is a bug. I’m sure it’ll be patched soon 

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27 minutes ago, FinalFan said:

As a computer tech, please forgive the " have you tried the power button" questions, but you never know: 

Is the engine activated?  

Is it set to 100?  

Is the fuel accessible?  (Green arrow not red X) 

lol, yes I double-checked the engines! In fact something interesting happens when I shutdown just one of the engines (I just updated the OP to mention it), but the problem returns when I reactivate it again.

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