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Otherworldly Fanart: The most interesting Kerbal in the World

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It’s a great meme, but I don’t think that’s the original creator of the blank meme. @Rareden posted it back in 2013, although the image is no longer available in the thread but he does use it as his avatar. 

I’ve made several memes with that myself, I’ll try to post some later when I’m off mobile. 

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Here is the original blank meme, for anyone wanting to make their own meme with it, as posted by @Rareden:


And here are some of the memes I made for TMIKITW:






And from the old, old days when there was such a thing as DevNote Tuesdays...


Edit: found one more...



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2 hours ago, probe137 said:

What does RKS stand for?


12 minutes ago, AVaughan said:

I'm guessing "Real Kerbal System", the same way RSS is "Real Solar System".

Correct, it stands for "Real Kerbal System" as a play on the RSS "Real Solar System" mod, which scales up the Kerbol system by (usually) 6.4 times. So an RKS mod of Human SPace program would shrink the system to  0.16 the size of the "stock" system

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