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Mod suggestion - Snackified Life Support

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I've played around with TAC Life Support a bit. I quite like the idea of a life support mod, but TAC requires quite a bit of micro-managing, especially with the food resource. I started to come up with an idea of an easier to use life support mod (more suitable for beginners?), but then I realised I have no idea how to create parts. If anybody does, and thinks this is a good idea, please send me a message.

The details for the idea are as follows:

  • Kerbals require a single life support resource, called Snacks
  • 1 unit of Snacks weighs 1 kg
  • Snack containers weigh 1kg (dry mass) for every 8kg of Snacks they hold (9kg wet mass)
  • Kerbals consume 1 unit of Snacks every hour
  • If Kerbals run out of Snacks, they go into hibernation until more Snacks are provided.
    • A Kerbal in hibernation can't be controlled, like a probe core with electricity
  • Command pods hold 12 units of Snacks (2 days supply) for every Kerbal they can hold.
    • The External Command Seat only holds 3 units of Snacks
    • A Kerbal on EVA holds 3 units of Snacks, in addition to their monopropellant
  • Non-command pod parts that can hold Kerbals (e.g. the Hitchhiker capsule) holds 6 units of Snacks for every Kerbal they can hold.
  • There are intended to be several dedicated Snack containers:
    • The Tiny Snack tank (0.625m part, about the size of the Oscar-B fuel tank) holds 24 Snacks
    • The Emergency Snack Box (similar in size to the Experiment Storage Unit) holds 36 Snacks
    • The Small Snack tank (1.25m part, about the size of the Advanced Inline Stabilizer) holds 96 Snacks
    • The Large Snack tank (2.5m part, about the size of the Advanced Reaction Wheel Module, Large) holds 192 Snacks
    • The Deep-Space Snack Storer (2.5m part, about the size of the Large Holding Tank) holds 1800 Snacks, intended for a three-Kerbal, 100-day mission
    • The Mega Deep-Space Snack Container (3.75m part, about the size of the Kerbodyne S3-3600 tank) holds 9000 Snacks, intended for a three-Kerbal, 500-day mission in deep space
  • The Snackificator is a 2.5m part (about the size of the Convert-O-Tron 250) that functions in a similar manner to an ISRU:
    • 1 unit of ore + 20 units of electricity -> 10 units of Snacks
      • Conseration of mass: 10kg ore (1 unit) -> 10kg Snacks (10 units)
    • It can have a heat efficiency modifier, like how the in-game ISRU's do, and need radiators to cool it down
    • Intended for use of surface bases, to produce Snacks for colonies

If anybody has any suggestions of how this could be implemented, or made better, please comment.

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