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Challenge - Deorbit a nuclear satellite


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A nuclear satellite has developed a critical fault and its orbit could decay any moment, putting the lives of countless Kerbals on the surface at risk. It cannot be repaired via EVA so in a desperate measure the Kerbal space program has tasked you with building a rocket-ship to retrieve the satellite. You are the Kerbals' only hope! Unfortunately the situation is critical and the Kerbals cannot wait until docking is implemented(!), so in order to save the Kerbal home world you must improvise and find another way!


1. Build a satellite and deploy it in circular orbit around Kerbin

2. Build a rescue rocket that can capture the satellite

3. Rendezvous with the satellite in orbit

4. Return the satellite to the surface of Kerbin without any damage


250 points - successfully deploy satellite in circular orbit

500 points - successfully rendezvous a rescue ship with the satellite

1000 points - successfully dock and capture the satellite

1000 points - successful re-entry and soft-landing

500 points - bonus for landing near the KSC

... plus extra bonus points for innovation and ships that are just plain cool!

You can use any mods you like, give it a go and post your designs and scores... it's good practice for rendezvous and docking and provides a handy solution for cleaning up debris too. Most of all, the Kerbals need your help!

To get you started, I completed the mission by building a Sky-Cage...

1. Satellite launch


2. Sky-Cage launch


3. Rendezvous in orbit


4. The Sky-Cage


5. Sky-Cage swallows its target


6. Satellite safely captured


7. Re-entry


8. Finals


9. Splashdown



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Cheers guys, as it's not an easy challenge... if you're struggling to bring the satellite home, alternative "pusher" solutions which just boost the satellite's orbit out of harm's way will also receive 500 points; and I'll double that if you can crash it into the Mun, Space Cowboys style!


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Huh; good challenge indeed.

As I don't currently have an orbiting nuke, I decided to bring home an old synchronous commsat hovering right above the KSC. Work's currently in progress (and will take a while)... but I can already share a couple of ideas:

Good thing is that turbojets have right enough time to get some air and stop the fall. No matter the craft passed 70 Km mark going at 3000 m/s straight down.


...and bad thing is that kerosenes are as inert as hell. Pilot must think at least 5 seconds ahead when adjusting their thrust.

The tank in the middle is not attached to anything (I dropped it there before launching the test vehicle). Payload's held in place firmly...


...given that the vehicle don't spin.:). And good luck to whomever will try to get these ideas working.

Now good luck to me building a carrier that can get this vessel synchronous

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