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[1.8-1.12] Ferram Aerospace Research Continued: v0.16.0.5 "Mader" 03/04/22


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Hello everyone, hello @dkavolis,

can it be, that there is a problem with calculations related to procedural wings?

When I attach a procedural wing with default diameters, OR when I make the end part of the wing very short / 0, because I want to attach a control surface, the wing seems not to be included in the calculations anymore and there is a warning in the log ( p1 and p0 are outside the limits).
I assume there might be some numbers to big/small?

Even very big procedural wings are not in the calculation, when the tail part of the wing becomes to short. But I want to make that short (or even 0), when I want to attach a procedural control surface to the end of the wing.
Or do I have to keep the end of the wing and clip the control surface into the end part of the wing?!?

I did a short video to show. Installation is Vanilla 1.12.3 with FAR and Procedural Wings installed with CKAN. OK, and LogDevConsole:

Any way to fix / work around this issue?


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16 minutes ago, LHACK4142 said:

Quick question: Does FAR take into account shape changes while in flight, like for variable geometry wings?


Not well, especially not with vanilla rotors and hinges, I tried making a plane with variable sweep wings and the moving parts of the wings produced more drag and angled back than when sticking straight out.

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On 9/17/2022 at 4:52 AM, Ccocotier said:

Hey, i think ferram is bug, can you tell me if its same in your's?

I didn't check mine but just looked at your pic.  Cd 2.1 seems too high in any orientation. That's like a parachute or something designed to have high drag. The reference you pasted on the right probably used very long test objects, maybe spanning the whole wind tunnel between the side walls. The short Mk2 piece you used would probably have worse Cd due to flow around the sides, but I'm not sure how FAR calculates this.

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I am back after a long time away...life and what not.
I am wanting to get back into KSP again and would like to ask the same question DA299 asks about water.

You may remember (probably not though) that I was having crazy problems with water physics when using FAR and was dabbling with trying to remove water interaction from FAR and keep stock water physics but I have no idea what I am doing.


So plus 2 from me if its possible to add a switch in FAR opions to retain stock water physics :)



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So I am dabbling now with these setting within KSP main DIR the file is called physics.CFG


I seem to be able to change the way water works in KSP when FAR is installed.
as it stands now though I am only changing things and seeing if they make a difference but if any one knows of values that should be used when FAR is installed that would at least bring the water some where near to stock with FAR installed that would be great :)


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I'm trying to set up a spaceplane I made in stock for FAR. It has dual rudders. How do I set them up for opposing deploy direction for airbrakes? I tried brakerudder%=100 in the standard controls UI but it does nothing obvious when brakes are applied. It's easy in stock using toggle deploy in the brake action  group but that function is deleted in FAR.

Similar goal for rockets with 4 fins - how do I make them deploy in opposing pairs for airbrakes?

Regarding water physics...  Scatterer also has options  that change water physics. How do these 2 interact? When I splash down a rocket with parachutes, it has a huge vertical oscillation with little damping if SAS holds it vertical. It's a bit ridiculous:


Update on rudder-airbrakes... This works:

  1. remove 2 rudders from symmetry (maybe not needed but I assumed it was like stock so one had a positive deploy angle and one negative)
  2. enable spoilers for each, with the same angle, both positive (It's not intuitive to me... setting one negative angle should make them go opposite directions, but it makes them go the same direction. At least it did for my plane built with radial mirror symmetry. Haven't tried a rocket yet.)
  3. in action groups, set brakes to activate both fin spoilers

Update2: Found a bug... the spoiler deploy direction changes after revert to launch. Seriously. First launch they deploy opposite, after revert they deploy the same direction. 

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yeah I am currently not using FAR as I want to mess with subs but I must admit I really am missing FAR physics for planes and stuff.
vanilla plane physics just seem to easy can pretty much make any thing fly but with FAR you need a bit more planning.

Really want to install FAR but at the same time I want to mess under water but cant if FAR is installed :P


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On 11/29/2022 at 9:01 AM, damerell said:

How did you install FAR?

EVE and Scatterer installed just fine and their menu buttons are available. There was definitely a large change in the way aircraft handle after installing FAR... a few aircraft that were OK flyers were suddenly uncontrollable. Just never got any buttons or menus for FAR.

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Running [forced] 1.12.2 modded.
After installing FAR Maragoni i am unable to head into VAB or SPH. When entering Research Building, the exit button does not work no longer.
Wether this is cause by "000_KSPBurst" or the actuall "FerramAerospaceResearch" files, im unsure. 

Unfortunately for me, cant be used on 1.12 in my case...

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14 hours ago, RyGuy_McFly said:

Hi there, returning player coming back. Just wondering why TweakScale is suddenly a requirement for FAR on CKAN. Never had it before and don't want it, just wondering if it's really required or if I can remove it.

It isn't a dependency. You're probably referring to "TweakScale Redistributable" which is just something that is required to make the integration between FAR and TS work. It doesn't do anything useful without TS actually being installed.

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15 minutes ago, siimav said:

It isn't a dependency. You're probably referring to "TweakScale Redistributable" which is just something that is required to make the integration between FAR and TS work. It doesn't do anything useful without TS actually being installed.

my FAR doesnt let me open the VAB and SPH

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