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Honest Purple's Land O' Junk

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Honest Purple's Land O' Junk

Are Jeb's sky high prices getting you down. Then COME ON DOWN to Honest Purple's Land O' Junk, for used parts at prices that'll make you smile.

Ol' Purple's got a fine range of genuine reclaimed and recycled space parts, that will get you into orbit and beyond. Take a trip down to Honest Purple's Land O' Junk an' you could be taking parts like these home in yer pickup TODAY!


What'da we have

We got pods, fuel tanks, rocket engines, even some genuine organic batteries. Why we even got some near mint condition solar panels to give 'em some juice.

Gotta get a vee-hicle to Minmus, but your stuck on the couch, 'cos the games' on. Well we got yer covered with our fine wooden cased probe cores.


Here's a list of all our fine recycled space hardware.

  • Pod-Uno : A recycled and repaired 1 kerbal pod. Only one or two (maybe more) careful owners. No more flying to orbit in a chair for you!
  • CRT-200 : A collection of wires and other electrical whats'its in a fine wooden casing (may or may not have been found out back of a grocery store).
  • BR-200 : They said we needed faaaacny insulation. They said we needed ceeeertificication, They said we needed meeeedication. But this here recycled oil barrel full of rocket fuel is the best bargain in town.
  • BR-200 : What's better than one recycled oil barrel fuel of cryo-generic fuel... why TWO barrels!
  • TR-200 : One fine rubberized toroidal fuel tank... plenty of tread left on these puppies too.
  • ROK-T30 : These A-mazin' pieces of pro-pulsive technology come at a rock bottom price.
  • SONNY-100 : For when the sun's a shinin' and yer batteries are cryin'. Get some of that fancy renewable energy with this fine piece of solar technology.
  • SPUD-100 : Ol' Purple's goin' all green an' organic with this here battery. If yer in a fix you can even light up some rocket fuel an' have yourself some french fries.
  • KLM-1 : Got rope burns from hauling yer'self back into yer space ve-hicle every day. Well this here ladder will have you going to an' from the surface in style.
  • Para BSK : Tired of havin' to bail outta yer spacecraft on re-entry an' hopin' the Kraken will catch yer fall. Well get yer' self on of these parachutes, cased in an old traffic cone.

How can you get some

Head on over to ol' Uncle SpaceDock an' download the package. Then unzip the contents of that there GameData folder in the ZIP into yer GameData folder... jus' like with most of these here mods.

Fine Quality Parts

Jeb's Junkyard, Rockomax, all the big boys, they have fancy aerospace engineers, with their degrees and their sliderules and their algeeebra. Well we had our ol' Uncle Yerman (he's real smart y'know) take a look at our parts, an' he gave us the thumbs up. What more do you need to know!

(No guarantees, no refunds).


Are these prices the lowest around? - You betcha! All prices are at least 50% lower than that Jebediah fella will sell 'em for.

Are these all the parts you have? - Sure are, until we get to scrape some more off the runway or fish 'em outta the sea.

Are your parts Kerbal Space Commision safety certified? - Hell no, we ain't even heard of of no safety certification... only joshin'... we heard of 'em, we just ignore 'em.

Is an old steel belted radial tire a suitable basis for a toroidal fuel tank? - It sure is, an' all our TR-200's come with at least 10,000 miles of tread on 'em too.

Some of your parts appear to be repaired with duct tape, is this a suitable repair method for high performance spacecraft parts? - We use only the finest duct tape (Giant Stikko.. you Stikk it, it stay's Stukk) at Honest Purple's Land O' Junk.

Do your parts have the same performance as those of more expensive brands? - They sure do... Jebediah, Rocketdyne, Rockomax and Probodobodyne, they all charge you double, just for that new spacecraft smell.

Do any of your parts suffer from behavioral problems in flight? - All our parts are tried (some many times) and true space hardware, but the PBK-100 parachute does act kinda hinky when deployed. It's got 'ol Purple scratching his head, but it does work fine as a chute. Better than a pair of long johns hanging outta the hatch anyway.


So what are yer waitin' for... come on down to Honest Purple's Land O' Junk an grab yer'self a bargain today!

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I knew there was a reason I brought my laptop to work today...

Very nice!

Bahaha!  I love these parts.  Plans for more pieces?  I could do an entire program in this style.



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23 minutes ago, RealKerbal3x said:

@purpleivan This has got to be the best add-on release OP I've ever read :D

I love the parts too! This seems like a close relative of Bargain Rocket Parts.



That looks a fun parts pack, I'd not seen it before, but I can see the connection.

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