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Mission Checklist Thing?

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I always for some reason wanted a Mission Checklist for example:


Mission RedLander:

-Launch Duna-Class Rocket (Done)

-Get into orbit (Done)

-Setup an Maneuver to go into duna orbit (Not done)


so basically you go to the launch pad and you can make a Check list were you put everything you want to do in your mission and mark things as Done and Not done yet.

or turn on a thing that automatically marks things at done if the system is able to understand what you type in the checklist



-Go into Kerbin's orbit (KSP will understand this and mark it when its done)

-gO InTo MaRs oRbIt (KSP will  not understand this command)

so for example the commands have some variants:


-Go To Duna's Orbit

-go to duna's orbit



oh also when you auto mark an command as Done a message will apear in the screen.

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This would be wonderful.

In fact, it's what I first thought we were getting when they announced a mission planner years ago. :/

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This is a pretty cool idea but i think a better way of doing the automatic checking would be that the player would pick the task from a list (for example: get into X orbit) so the game will always know what you mean and you avoid alot of annoyance with the game not understanding you.

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