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Occupy Duna: A KSP Series by Project Essence

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Ladies and Gentlemen, our second, and final episode of Occupy Duna has been released on our Youtube channel. Like @Alpha 360 said, many of us do not have the time nor energy to continue making something of this magnitude. Managing PR reps, editors, voice actors, script writers, and graphic designers just put too much strain on us and reluctantly we had to shut the project down. We do hope that in the future our staff, or hopefully, someone else with the ability to take on the amount of work from Occupy Duna, will resume the project. 

From all of us here at P:E we thank you for the amount of support and feedback we have gotten from you guys. It has been so helpful and has kept us going. Fly safe.

-Lo var Lachland,
Former PR rep, Project Essence 


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Project Essence has moved on to greener, blockier pastures in the interim before we reboot Occupy Duna. We are glad to announce that we have released a minecraft server, Occupy Minecraft, which is a faction-based survival game. It has an ingame economy as well as micro-transactions to grow your ingame bank account. You can start your own faction with your friends and dominate the world. The link to the forum is here: https://occupyminecraft.enjin.com/

The IP Address is mc.occupyminecraft.com, looking forward to seeing you on the server! 

Happy Explosions!

(Boy its been a while since I've added that last bit XD)

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