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Centering things


Hi, this is my first post on this forum.


I have issue with centering  EAS-1 External Command Seat.


I want to go to EVE and back, so i need very small and light vessel. I tried two times with Mk1 Command Pod, and both missions failed (8000 m/s delta v  is to low for me to reach orbit).

Problem is, i can't center this command seat, so centre of mass is offset and last stage is rotating while accelerating.  I also have problem with controling in earlier stages in tests on Kerbin. (yes i switch control from seat)




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I'd firstly suggest you familiarize yourself with the editors' hotkeys, but I'm happy to help you out with this one.

Using the MOVE TOOL (hotkey 2) click the command seat in question.
Before you move it though, ensure two things:
         1. Turn on SNAP mode (hotkey C.) This will align moved parts to the part tree grid of the editor grid
         2. Switch to ABSOLUTE motion (hotkey F.) This will align parts to the grid.
Now you should be able to center that command seat, no problem!

Depending on where your command seat is attached, it may "skip" over the center grid point due to the translation interval, but don't fret! Simply toggle the smaller interval by holding down the SHIFT key as you click-drag the seat over the center of your craft.


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