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[Android / iOS] KSP Simple VAB


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Presenting the mobile app

KSP Simple VAB


Ever been out-and-about and gotten a good idea for a new mission and payload?  Start building it on-the-go with KSP Simple VAB.

Available now in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

  • Choose a capsule
  • add payload parts
  • pick a destination
  • customize your stages

Then send the file to your computer via any of your mobile device's native sharing features.  Plop it into your KSP save directory and go on your mission!


V1.0 includes

  • A limited part selection and my favorite 6 engines.
  • One way and round trip options for all stock KSP bodies.
  • Edit, and combine stages (no merging of aero and non-aero stages right now).
  • Automatic engine selection, and rocket sizing (it'll build the whole rocket for you!).





Some issues you might notice:

  • If you navigate away from the rocket without saving, it's gone.  No warning.
  • No part or rocket images.
  • You might find rocket parts floating near your rocket in-game if they're on a stage that goes from 1.25m to 2.5m
  • No stage-and-a-half support.
  • No launch clamps, so don't forget those before launch!
  • Android: buttons don't have good feedback

Anyways, v1.0 is definitely a little rough around the edges.  This has been an idea I've had for probably 2 years or so, and I finally found a little time to make it a reality.  There's plenty of more work to do in the future.

If you have any issues, definitely let me know.  If you have any feature suggestions, I'll write them down, but no promises (what with a new job and all).






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