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VAB Horizontal Landing Challenge

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Instead of all of the VTOL landings on the VAB, lets try something a bit harder. Landing a plane conventionally on the VAB.

Here is how points will be calculated, (Mass of craft in tons x 20) - ((Number of engines plus landing gear) x 5)    Higher means better. Also mass should rounded down if its 0-.5 tons and up if .5-1 tons.

Bonus points for

  • No reverse thrust / Air Brakes, Only brakes:  +50 points
  • If you can take off again:  +25 points (Included screenshot of take off)
  • If your craft can carry more than 500 kerbals:  +75 points
  • If your craft is a SSTO  +50 points


  1. No parachutes, Rockets to slow you down. You can only use brakes, reverse thrust, and Air Brakes
  2. No VTOL of any kind
  3. Can't lose any parts
  4. No wing spamming
  5. No Alt-F12 or any sort of cheating
  6. Engines must face forwards
  7. Mods are ok but they somehow give you a unfair advantage then you can't use them
  8. Indestructible buildings can be used for heavy planes but don't use them to stop. For example slamming your plane into a wall to stop

Submissions, Videos are preferred but if you use screenshots please include, Picture of your craft in the hanger with weight, Picture of final approach, Picture of you plane landed on the top of VAB, and a picture of the F-3 menu.



Any lastly my attempt.


My craft in the hanger SqdAasu.jpg

On a shaky final approach 1YhmIZJ.jpg

On landing I ended up spinning out but everything ended up fine Cg2J3bk.jpg

And lastly my F3 screenshot 62S4QLz.jpg

My points would be (3 x 20) - ((3+2) x 5) = 35 points plus No reverse thrust and take off again, so my total would be 110 points. (I didn't have it in mind to take a picture of my take off)



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Something i made about a year ago.   It's a bit unwieldy, 


But then again, it does go to orbit.    Actually with over 2800dV to spare.

@Matt Lowne          challenge mode - can you land an ssto horizontally on the roof of the VAB,  then take off from that roof and land on Eeloo, without refuelling ?


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This is a great challenge, and it is really hard. I have destroyed a lot of aircraft today. I've managed to crash land with the fuselage still more or less intact, but no success yet getting a clean landing.  My own personal rule is I never use reaction wheels and I am trying with SAS off, so am making my life even more difficult. :o





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15 minutes ago, Rocket In My Pocket said:

I'm with you @Klapaucius lol.

Lots of destroyed aircraft, and no success yet lol.

I think the problem is that I keep trying in the evening with a beer instead of in the morning with a coffee lol.  :D

I think the challenge in KSP in general is that you cannot finesse your control surfaces. Whatever you set them to, is all you get. It is either all or nothing.


9 minutes ago, XLjedi said:

I've declared this challenge is stupid...  Cuz I tried 2 planes, realized that I don't fly gud, and then went back to what I was doing 10 minutes earlier.

What were you doing 10 minutes earlier?  

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2 minutes ago, Klapaucius said:

@NightshineRecorralis  Nice!   I'm glad you posted the failures as well.  I feel better :-)


What is the Physics Range Extender notification I kept seeing?

Part of BD armory and a lifesaver for large crafts :) it slows down the physics so that everything loads in smoothly and things don't explode. It sometimes freaks though and that's why sometimes the plane drops like a brick.

I hope you enjoyed the close pass I had right at the start :D 

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Okay, this is not really a valid entry, but after 50+ attempts in various aircraft, I had to have something to show for my efforts--I might edit together a failure compilation later on.


Technically, I did not lose the engines; I know where they went....  Everyone survived; the plane is on the helipad, and it is repairable.




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9 minutes ago, Klapaucius said:

Technically, I did not lose the engines; I know where they went....  Everyone survived; the plane is on the helipad, and it is repairable.

That looks hylarious! Plane included :D

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Not a graceful landing, but a successful one, with 20 Kerbals enjoying the fine weather.


If I did the math right:

just over 13,000 kg =1.3 tons x 20 = 260--or 200 if rounding (not sure why you have us rounding, as that is a fair amount of points lost)

+ 50 for no thrust reverse

+ 25 for 4 gear and 1 engine. 

I lost a flap taking off, so that nullifies any points there.


So either 275 with rounding or 335 without.

 I also did another with 40, but lost a part on landing. I attached it to the end of the video for fun.


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