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VAB Horizontal Landing Challenge

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44 minutes ago, Klapaucius said:

Not a graceful landing, but a successful one, with 20 Kerbals enjoying the fine weather.


If I did the math right:

just over 13,000 kg =1.3 tons x 20 = 260--or 200 if rounding (not sure why you have us rounding, as that is a fair amount of points lost)

+ 50 for no thrust reverse

+ 25 for 4 gear and 1 engine. 

I lost a flap taking off, so that nullifies any points there.


So either 275 with rounding or 335 without.

 I also did another with 40, but lost a part on landing. I attached it to the end of the video for fun.


Kerbals sitting on an airliner wing, awesome,   reminds me of that film/novel   "flight of the Phoenix"


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Okay, so that was quite a bit harder than I remembered... After 43 attempts, I managed to land the 44th!

Not sure if this counts as a no-airbrakes, those flaps are pretty effective at it: +50?
It takes off again from the roof of the VAB, rather well I might add: +25
this craft carries 16 Kerbals +2 pilots, not quite 500 so: +0
It also does not go to space: +0
General points then: mass (14t *20) - ((2 engines + 3 gear) *5) = 330 points (280 if you count those flaps towards airbrakes)

Video proof:

Link to plane; https://kerbalx.com/hoioh/Shorty

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