How many mods do you have?

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I use 58 mods at the moment, according to my KSP downloaded zip files folder :

  • Calculations and data (KER...) : 4
  • Challenge and realism (FAR, DR, RT, TACLS, KH...) : 8
  • Career and science (Contract packs, CTT...) : 11
  • Quality of life (KAC, DPAI...) : 10
  • Parts : 9
  • Visual and sound enhancement (EVE, Scatterer...) : 7
  • Miscellaneous (RPM...) : 2
  • Downloaded dependencies (MM, Toolbar...) : 7

I mainly play career mode to keep me motivated, with quite a bit of constraints (life support, connection, health management...), mostly with stock parts and a bit of visual enhancement.

It varies with time, as I download and delete some every once in a while.

Loading the game takes 4 min 30 sec to load, which is decent and waaaay better than back in the 0.2x days where I would wait around 20 min, only for the game to crash after an hour (with a less decent computer).

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