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Ex KOSMOS mode artist here... artist Anyone do Stockalike textures?

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25 minutes ago, CardBoardBoxProcessor said:

Hey! whats up. I used to do Kosmos Mod once upon a time. I found my models. But they ll have KOSMOS colors. I'm not into that  anymore. I'd prefer RE!release with StockAlike texture and feel to them but I don't want to texture them myself. 

Anyone want to team up? 

Looking at the details, I think you should be able to just do a desaturate, normalize and set to stock white/gray in most places and it will look fine.

If you have some patience, you could actually probably just change the uvmap coordinates for quite a few things and directly use the stock textures.

For metal stuff and solar panels, you could switch to the new stock PBR shader.


I'm no artist, but I can run batch GIMP scripts.

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9 minutes ago, CardBoardBoxProcessor said:

I am sorry what?  is that how textures in KSP work now???!!! what..... there a tutorial? 

I'm saying to use GIMP or PS or whatever you use and just replace your colors with the stock white color or stock gray color: the style of your textures already are pretty close to stock-a-like, just the colors are different.

Here's what I've found so far:

  • Stock White: 211, 211, 211
  • Stock Black: 57, 56, 57
  • Stock Orange: 244, 152, 65
  • Stock Green: 115, 123, 87

I don't currently have the numbers for the dark metal and light metal surfaces.

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