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How do I Create a maneuver to get me to the mun and or minimus in ps4 edition


So I am a bit confused, the tutorial Getting "To The Mun Part 1" does not quite tell me enough about creating a maneuver to get to the Mun or any other planet Does anyone know how to create a maneuver and a good rocket design for me to build to get to one of Kerbin's two natural satellites? 


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Welcome to the forums. For the mun it's pretty simple if you are in a equatorial orbit, just pull prograde :prograde: until your apoapsis is about the height of the mun then drag the maneuver node around kerbin until you get an encouter. For minmus it's a bit harder because it has an inclient orbit to kerbin's equator. The easiest thing would be is to put your manveuver at the an or dn marks on your orbit (to see the an/dn marks you have to set minus as traget by clicking on it) set your apoapsis to the height of minmus and press the little plus at your maneuver node (the plus is where you also can delete your node, if you press it will show the maneuver in the next orbit instead of the current one, you can notice that by the increasing time until you have to burn) until you get the encounter or the closest approch marker are closest to each other, drag the maneuver a bit or play with prograde :prograde: or retrograde :retrograde: until you get the encounter. You dont have to wait you could also do a midcourse correction. To get to minmus your ship has to be roughly 90° behind minmus if u place your maneuver there pull apoapsis to minmus height the ap/dn marks will be somewhere between your ship and minmus. You have to correct your inclienation by burn normal :normal: or antinormal :antinormal: at the an/dn marks. You are doing it right when degrees at the an/dn marks are going against zero. You could also shoot yourself to right inclienation right from launch. To do that you have to wait until the launchside is crossing minmis orbit and launch not to west (90) but 7 degrees more north or south depending at you launch at an or dn.

For going interplanetar i use Olex its a site which will tell you when and how to burn.

There is tutorial section under gameplay questions which may help with a few things when you just getting into ksp, check it out

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