K.S.S Kerbin II (from lego to KSP)

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K.S.S Kerbin II



Yes, the same crafty folk who built my navy have now started looking into space too. They are running these space operations under the "Kerbal Navy Orbital Shipyards" name.

This is a project ive been meaning to do for a long time now, a series of replicas based on my Lego mini space fleet ive been building. I wanted to make a K.N.O.S post and put this ship and the others there, but knowing my motivation when it comes to space stuff, this will most likely end up being the first and the last one from this series, so better upload it separately.


Yes, this ship is indeed a replica of sorts of a Lego moc of mine, that is part of a mini-fleet project i started years ago. So far i have 8 different ships built, tough unfortunately 6 of them had to be disassembled for me to have enough parts to make this model. The only other model that is still intact, is the frigate that started it all, witch unlike the others, is yellow, so none of it's parts are of any use on the other ships.


The ships in the Lego project all use a lot of common features:

Powerful plentiful engines. Pretty much all the ships in the project have a lot of engines on them, this allows for a quick entrance and a quick escape, it also makes the ships harder to knock out.

Great maneuverability. Every ship is equipped with a set of froward rotatable thruster-banks that allow for better maneuverability.

Varied armaments. To make sure that no ship feels powerless against a ship of a certain type. Frigates and all the way up have armaments that are effective against everything from a small fighter to a huge capital ship.

Inventive life-pod system. To maximize amount of life-pods in as minimal a space, we invented a "life-pod cylinder" that basically allows the a new set of life-pods to be reloaded onto the tubes after the first set has launched.

Docking ports. Not that special of a detail, but at this scale i think it's a neat little addition.


Pick of the Lego model



(the other model is the one that started it all, the first of our assault-frigates. unlike the other models, it's built using yellow bricks)


This model went trough a whole load of changes, i really like the way it looks now, but i still feel like i could do better. I still have the Carrier and Battle-cruiser designs to go trough, so there's plenty of room to flex those ideas and improve designs.



The KSP version differs from the Lego model in quite a few places, and i think probably looks a little better than the Lego version, especially around the engines, witch in the Lego version where a little thrown together.

But i guess it's no surprise as KSP gives more freedom in design.

I wanted to make the ship as 1:1 feeling as possible, so i wanted it to be BIG...really big, and it certainly is that, but looking at the bridge and the Kerbals in it, i feel the ship could be a bit bigger, but i wanted to stick with MK-3 parts, and that's as big as they get without custom configs.





A closer look at the details and features that the ship has...and those that it would have if it was part of some movie or series or something like that.



Engine systems


One of the main features in our ships  are the engines.

In this ship, they where created with survivability in mind, as this ship is classified as a Flagship-class vessel, with plenty of important tech and high ranking officers that cannot fall into enemy hands. So, five banks of powerful engines was fitted.

This makes the ship very hard to disable engine wise.

Like with all the other ships in the fleet, this one also has the forward engine-pods that can swivel 360 degrees, that give the ship better maneuverability. Unfortunately this feature is not in the KSP version, they instead just give a little extra speed.



Main reactor


A very large non working reactor powered by the infinite propellant cheat.



The main exhaust port for the reactor.


Sensor/targeting systems


Perhaps the biggest change compared to the earlier ship, is the addition of this primary sensor/comms-mast in place of the ventral launch-bay.

In this it doesn't do anything, but it's main purpose would be locating and tracking of enemy ships, and the boosting of ship communications.

The comms-masts in the nose and top do the same task, but they are not as powerful nor sophisticated, so they are more for backup now.



These targeting-radars are a tad old fashion, but they certainly do their job.

These don't actually do anything, but they would basically be futuristic gun-directors, that tell the ships weapons what to fire at and where.



This deep-space targeting telescope was originally created for the deep-space ion-cannon, witch due to an accident witch involved the prototype ship detonating in two due to an overload, and a very costly recovery operation, was removed.

The idea was to allow the ship to destroy targets before it would ever be seen.

Now it's used in conjunction with the ships ASM missile launchers, to do basically the same thing, the only down side is that it takes a lot longer for a missile to reach the target, and they are much easier to detect.

It also takes time for this telescope to get a proper lock, the ship also has to stay still for that.

Unfortunately the KSP one does nothing at all.


Weapon systems


The replacement for the highly dangerous deep-space ion-cannon, these Anti Ship Missiles are highly destructive, and like the ion-cannon it replaces, has a very long range.

These where originally designed for the command-cruiser class ships.



The bread and butter of our large ships, these heavy ion-cannons where designed to be the perfect middle of the road weapon.

They can have trouble tracking anything smaller than a frigate.



To fill in the blanks left by the heavy ion-cannons, these lighter faster tracking ones where created.

Optimized to inflict maximum damage to frigates, corvettes and other small ships.



These case-mate mounted ion-cannons are like the secondary-batteries of WWII battleships, they are there to protect the ship from anyone who flies too close.

They are basically just a beefed up version of the light ion-cannons.




The primary bridge of the ship. The first floor serves as the ships navigational center, while the upper level is weapons control.

The observation area above the bridge, serves as the ships flight control center.



This secondary combat-bridge is there to serve as a backup in-case the main bridge gets destroyed.




Currently empty and awaiting for some fighters to be added. The one you see on the pick is just a mockup for a possible fighter design.

The lego ones are just 2x2 L-shaped bricks with a 1x1 round clear brick, witch don't exactly translate to KSP all that well.




One of the features carried on all our warships, the life-pod-cylinder, a re-loadable launch system that has multiple sets of life-pods loaded in a revolving "magazine" of sorts, that is between the outer wall and the inner corridor.




Located under the forward observation areas. We like to put the docking ports in our ships near the nose.


This ship falls into the "flagship-class" category, but is more of a 50/50 between a Carrier and Battle-cruiser, witch would make it more of a Combat carrier.

Like the command cruiser's, this ship was originally designed as a more combat focused ship, in this case a full on carrier, with a huge hangar, fewer engines, and basic defensive weapons.

These ships mostly operate on their own with a small escort, and serve as mobile command/observation posts that search and hold areas of interest, where space-stations/outpost's could be built . But when a large armada is needed, these ships will be the ones leading them.


Technical specks


2x ASM launchers with 8x launch tubes each

4x light ion-cannon and 8x light ion-cannon in twin case-mate mounts.

2x heavy ion-cannon in twin-turret.

Length: 305m

Width: 87m

Height: 85m

Mass: 26,121 tons

Parts: 730

Range: Powered by infinite propellant cheat.


Operating instruction

Very simple:

1. place on runway, if it explodes, revert to launch and it shouldn't explode again.

2. then just use the cheat menu to put it into orbit, and also remember to put on the infinite propellant cheat as-well.


Mod used: Tweackscale


Download link: Unless you really want to


And there it is for you, the flagship of my possibly expanding fleet. I hope you enjoy it :).

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