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Adding toolbar support to a mod?


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I've searched so sorry if this has been asked.

I hate when the stock toolbar gets cluttered with mods that don't use Blizzy's Toolbar so I've been considering adding that in myself to mods that I use for my own use.

I was wondering exactly how I would go about doing this? I searched the toolbar thread and the link to the development thread where it stated you could find out is dead. I do have some minor modding experience from other games so I'm not 100% clueless and can probably get it done fairly easy if pointed in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.

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It would probably be best/easiest to start by looking at Toolbar Controller and seeing how to integrate it - since it was basically written by LinuxGuruGamer for exactly this purpose.

He's got quite a bit of example code there for how to use it, and Toolbar Controller can than do the heavy lifting of putting it in the toolbar, managing the buttons, etc.  (And even giving the player the option of using the toolbar or using the stock toolbar.)

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