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Mod that changes how Goo/Matreital Box works?

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After the update that makes kerbal scientists to restore the Goo and the material box infinitely, I rarely use the 'Clean up experiments' function. 

Obviously bringing a kerbal VS MoblieLab on my journey differs a lot, even from the lifter design.

But sometimes I thought that resetting by scientist is too easy, and somewhat unrealistic(Requires no additional resource, instant resetting, infinite times... etc.).

So, how about limiting the ability of our scientists by letting them to run experiment few times? (let's say 3 for Goo and 2 for the box)

After that, those instruments have to cleaned by Mobile Lab in order to function again (Restoring the number of possible deployment by scientits) so that the both scientists and the labs to be both useful?

I'd really appreciate any opinions on this idea.


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I'm pretty sure I've seen some mods that changed them to be one time use only, although I can't remember which at the moment.

However, that is also something you could easily do as a self imposed rule for your play through without needing a mod.

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