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mod to add objects on planet surfaces


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Seen in a few videos a mod in use which added rocks and trees and such on planetary surfaces.
Unfortunately I can't remember what the mod was called or what the videos were, and Google (or forum) search is completely useless, indifferent of the search terms used it keeps pointing me to totally different topics (adding planets, or parts, etc).

Can someone please point me to the mod in question, this is driving me crazy with frustration..

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The rocks & trees aren't a mod, they are from a setting in KSP.  In the graphics setting, it's called (IIRC) Terrain Scatters with an on/off box & a density slider.  They are just images in stock KSP, though,.  You can't collide with them.  There is a mod that adds collision boxes to the terrain scatters.  IIRC that is Stock Visual Terrain (SVT)

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