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Kerbin - The NationStates Region

Aperture Science Employee

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Hey, fellas! 

Note to Mods: The RP is not taking place anywhere on this forum. We are merely promoting it for an off-site Kerbin-related nation game.   (Thank you for what you guys do!)

Do you enjoy geopolitics? Well, then this is the NationStates region for you. We have twenty-some plus active nations, wars, civil wars, inter-nation quarrels, and all in the Kerbin system. 


Do y'all have a map? - 'Course we do! Here you go!

Can anything in KSP go? - No, we use modern tech as a limit. But you can totally build your stuff in KSP and use it in the RP, that's totally fine. 

Am I just gonna get invaded? - We are a realistic RP, does this happen in the modern day? Not at all! Nations invaded for no reason will have the invaders begging for mercy from the international community.

How much time is this going to take from me? - As much time as you really want. RP investment is up to you as is most things. As a member who's been in this for over two years, I can tell you my time was worth it!

Is it a Discord RP? - No. We have a Discord, but all of our posts are well-written forum posts on the NationStates forum thread. Reading through our posts tells a fun story of a world like ours in Kerbin's solar system. For anything to effect something in the RP, it must go on the thread. However, the discord is quite fun! We discuss all sorts of topics related to the RP. History, what warplanes we use, etc. 

Are battles decided in KSP? - No, because KSP is not a realistic war simulator since it was built not to be one. You are free to build realistic craft in KSP and use them, but KSP performance is irrelevant. We take realistic vehicles and numbers, plan out how the battle would go, and decide a victor with the help of our team of realism consultants! They know a lot about their specialties!

How can I join? 

Well, first you must make a country on the NationStates website, and then move it to the Kerbin region (big red move button, make sure you're actually logged in) that we have.

Then you can join the region discord! You can telegram (NationStates feature) either Serrian Archipelago or Blorbs for an invite. (If you want, Recommended)

Next, you must submit your application. Follow the instructions listed on the Signups thread.


If you have questions that weren't answered in the Q&A, please feel free to ask!



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