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[1.6.x] Fan Radiator


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Fan Radiator is a simple modification for module ActiveRadiator, adding the possibility of playing a loop animation and a loop sound when activate.

Incorporates a simple model with 2 fans as sample, the sound and several parameters can be changed from the cfg that incorporates the model.

Fan Radiator requires Module manager.

Fan Radiator Recommends KSP-AVC.

Available in CKAN.

FanRadiator is licensed under GPL-3.0


Change Log:

Version 0.2.0:

-Fixed timescale for fan speed when use timewarp.

-separate module from activeradiator.

-Added more cooling when fan active.

-Texture in test.


Version 0.1.0:

Updated to KSP 1.6.0.


Version 0.0.7:

Fixed issues with sound.
Added possibility to change animate name for moders.
Fixed issues with animation in scene editor.


Version 0.0.6:

Fixed velocity of animation.

Added compatibility with KSP-AVC.

Added compatibility with CKAN.

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Question, why didn't you link fan rpm to part.heatConvectiveConstant or set it directly in the part config ?

That way, it will  convection better than a regular radiator of the same size without the fans.

for KSPIE I gave the convection radiators heatConvectiveConstant a value of 100.



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