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[1.4+] Diamond Grid Trusses and Containers 0.1.0

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Diamond Grid Trusses and Containers

This is a parts mod loosely based on the old Tri-Hexagonal Structural Strut (THSS) mod by Semni, who has long since disappeared from the KSP community. Sadly, he had released THSS as All Rights Reserved so nobody could pick it up for him. This pack contains several truss and matching container parts, along with a support part for bases (requires Extraplanetary Launchpads 6.3.2+) and a "balloon" tank. More parts will come later, including larger versions.

Supports Modular Fuel Tanks.

Download: DiamondGrid 0.1.0

License: GPLv3

Source: github (includes readme).

Trusses (8 parts)

Containers (6 parts)

NOTE: the requirement for Extraplanetary Launchpads applies only to the DGT-NoLaunchClamp as it relies on EL to do the mesh-cloning for the tower extension. Also, the DGT-NoLaunchClamp is of limited use without EL because while it behaves like a launch clamp in that it holds your base steady, it does not ever release your base. (ok, there's a minor bug in EL where it is possible to force a release, but that is via the PAW, not staging)

Here's a video explaining how KSP's node snapping works (yes, that's me, complete with greenscreen failure):


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Yes, it's planned. I had done it short as I had planned on doing a procedural parts mod that built parts similar to how I did the no-launch clamp. I'm currently working on a hab unit for DG (and discovering the limits of Eevee's lighting :P)

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