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Ps4 enhanced edition not loading save


I tried to load up my main save, where I'm making all of my progress (career) and it simply refuses to load. I've closed the app and sometimes it comes up with an error code for general crashing. I can load up any other save though including scenarios. I've uninstalled the application and reinstalled it, uploaded the data, deleted it, then redoenloaded it and it still refuses to work. What can I do? 

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Welcome to  the forums! I had this problem on one of my career saves too, also on PS4, unfortunately couldn't never get it working, can you remember your last save? Mine happened when I had a rather large base loaded on the mun (800+ parts) which admittedly is pushing it for console. I have heard others say that High part count builds, on planet surfaces, with too much flex can lead to corrupt save files after too many saves, could be the issue I had although I cannot confirm that myself. I had to start over I'm afraid. ;.;

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