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Should Squad Priotize bug Fixes?

MOAR Bug fixes?  

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    • Priotize Bug fixes
    • dont Priotize Bug fixes

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I mean, I work as a software developer - I know the temptation to plough on with new features, new features, and new features. New features bring you more users because they see the new features and want those new features even though they didn't want the product a year ago.

But when you look back and realise you don't actually have any users any more... that sucks. When you have a team, bugs need to have a dedicated developer - or two or three. Your game/product is not finished until it is bug free. Take pride in finding fault with your colleagues' work and demanding they fix it.

(On the other hand, nearly every bug I've encountered is mod-related. But maybe that's because when I play pure stock, my game fizzles before I get ambitious enough to summon a kraken :blush:)

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I think the memory leakage is enough of an issue to be classified as a bug. Seriously. For anyone lacking a proper gaming PC, you are basically stuck playing stock. Maybe one or two mods. Anything more and clicking launch becomes an act of faith. As my game currently sits, with about 12 mods installed, I CTD every half hour or so, and even in pure stock my game stutters every 15 seconds or so on minimal graphics with anything over 80 parts. It is borderline unplayable.

Guess I should have expected this from the corporate vultures. Gold plate them turds!

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