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Kerbal Space Program 1.6: “To Vee or not To Vee” Grand Discussion Thread


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Hello everyone!

Put on your seatbelts, Kerbal Space Program 1.6: To Vee or not To Vee is here, and with it moar explosions and fun!

With our 3rd major update this year, we are thrilled to continue with our goal of advancing KSP and improving our players’ game experience by delivering substantial releases. To Vee or not To Vee is filled with new features, beautiful revamps, a number of navigation tools, and a whole lot of bug fixes. We’ve also done some tuning work that includes stock craft improvements and the rebalancing and fine tuning of a number of Making History parts, particularly the engines.

From the very beginning KSP has been shaped by the amazing community around it and we hope that To Vee or not To Vee serves as a testament to our appreciation of our players and our commitment to continue supporting, updating and improving our game.

Let’s go through some of this update’s highlights:

Delta-v per Stage and Delta-v Tool App

Plan missions better and find flaws in your ship staging setup with this long requested feature that will let you visualize the Delta-v values along with a range of other technical data for each stage and the vessel overall. Plus, a Delta-v App that will allow you to see a vessels Delta-v information while you’re building it in different situations. No Kerbal will be left stranded now… or so we hope.

Part revamps

To Vee or not to Vee includes 20 fully revamped parts that have been optimized, re-shaped and re-textured, plus more than 40 color variants to make your craft look sleek and beautiful!


Navigation Icons to Launch Sites

A quality of life feature that will help stray pilots find their way back to any Launch Site or Runway. From the Map View players will now be able to activate navigation waypoints to get direction towards the KSC or any other launch sites.

Helmets Off!

You can now remove Kerbals’ Helmets, as well as their neck rings! But be careful, there is a reason why Astronauts wear Helmets for space travel…


Click here to see an animated gif showcasing this feature.

And much more!

To learn more you can read the full Changelog here:

=================================== v1.6.0 ============================================================
1.6 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for MH changelog)
+++ Improvements
* DeltaV Readouts added to Stage Icons/Groups as well as DeltaV App. DeltaV available in Editor (VAB/SPH) and Flight scenes as well as a more detailed Debug menu option.
* Stock and mobile launch sites are now navigable in all game modes.
* Performance improvements for DV calculations that are used by Burn Indicator.
* Recommended UI Scale for the current resolution is now checked on the Settings Screen, working the same as the mini settings where a not recommended UI scale will turn the text red.
* Performance improvements for craft browser menus.
* Craft browser menus now check for craft compatibility.
* Added keyboard arrows navigation for main dialogs and menus. Highlight items with the directional arrows, Accept with the Enter and Space keys, and Cancel is Escape key.
* Generate reflections of the environment to be displayed on shiny parts.
* Improved part search in the editors to give more relevant results with short search terms.
* Adjusted shadows from The Sun to be more precise.
* Add new idle animations when the kerbal is standing in the ground.
* The command parts now have an option to change their 'forward' direction in the PAW.
* Kerbals helmet and neck ring can now be removed by right clicking the Kerbal while on EVA if it’s in a breathable atmosphere.
* Automatic warp to next maneuver node now takes the player to a margin before the start burn time rather than the node itself. Said margin can now be overridden from the default 1 minute via GameSettings.WARP_TO_MANNODE_MARGIN.
* Allow wheel spring and damper advanced tweakables to be set up to a value of 3.

+++ Localization
* Localize the phrase “Advanced Message App:” in the Mini-Settings dialog.
* Some Community feedback for localization strings applied.

+++ Parts
Updated Parts (reskinned):
* Mk2 Lander Can
* 48-7S Spark
* RE-L10 Poodle
* LV-909 Terrier
* FL-A10
* FL-A5
* ADTP-2-3
* Rockomax Brand Adapter
* Rockomax Brand Adapter 02
* TVR-200 Stack Bi-Coupler
* TVR-1180C MK1 Stack Tri-Coupler	
* TVR-2160C Mk2 Stack Quad-Coupler
* TVR-200L Stack Bi-Adapter	
* TVR-300L Stack Tri-Adapter
* TVR-400L Stack Quad-Adapter
* Small Nose Cone
* Aerodynamic Nose Cone
* Advanced Nose Cone - Type B
* Advanced Nose Cone - Type A	
* Protective Rocket Nose Cone MK7
Color Variants:
* Mk2 Lander Can (New “Lander” and “Rover” color variants)
* 48-7S Spark (New “Shroud”, “Truss Mount” and “Bare” color variants)
* LV-909 Terrier (New “Shroud”, “Truss Mount” and “Bare” color variants)
* FL-A10 (New “White” and “Orange” color variants)
* FL-A5 (New “White” and “Orange” color variants)
* ADTP-2-3 (New “White”, “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants)
* Rockomax Brand Adapter (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants)
* Rockomax Brand Adapter 02 (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants)
* TVR-200 Stack Bi-Coupler (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants)
* TVR-1180C MK1 Stack Tri-Coupler	 (New “White”, “Dark” and “Orange” color variants)
* TVR-2160C Mk2 Stack Quad-Coupler (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants)
* TVR-200L Stack Bi-Adapter	 (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants)
* TVR-300L Stack Tri-Adapter (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants)
* TVR-400L Stack Quad-Adapter (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants)
* Aerodynamic Nose Cone (New “Black and White”, “Dark” and “White”  color variants)
* Advanced Nose Cone - Type B (New “Black and White” and “White” and “Orange” color variants)
* Advanced Nose Cone - Type A (New “Black and White” and “White” and “Orange” color variants)
* Protective Rocket Nose Cone MK7 (New “Black and White”, “Orange” and “White”  color variants)
Other Part changes:
* Fixed the normals maps on the Stayputnik.
* Fixed the normals maps on the Okto.
* Fixed the visible texture seams on the Rockomax X series fuel tanks orange variant.

+++ Bugfixes
* Fix  SAS on all probes in Sandbox and Science game modes to operate as per their config files. Game setting allows player to toggle SAS functionality on probes in these game modes.
* Fix handling of docking ports and multiple nuclear or ion engines for DV calculation used in Burn Indicator.
* Fix handling of stages with multiple engines and asparagus staging for DV calculation used in Burn Indicator.
* Fix flashing Burn Indicator and display of DV when vessel are prelaunch.
* Fix Vernor Engines now correctly use Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer on the Engineering report.
* Fix all engines now say "Engine stops under: xx%", instead of "Flameout under: xx%" on their part extended info tooltips.
* Fix Tutorials unable to proceed when the player has a part selected (attached to the mouse) in the editor scenes (VAB/SPH).
* Fix fuel being drained from tanks when fuel availability icon is double-clicked.
* Fix partially executed maneuver nodes gets the closest approach to the same orbit parameters.
* Fix double quotes in stock craft descriptions.
* Fix Contract/Parameters not updating for vessel ownership (such as rescue kerbal) when not in flight mode.
* Fix Drills can operate and generate ore only when deployed and proper surface contact.
* Fix Kerbal IVA crew mass calculation on crewable parts where user/mods have changed IVA crew mass to be > 0 (the default).
* Kerbal IVA crew mass now reported in DV and Engineers report mass totals in editor (VAB/SPH).
* Fix TVR-300, TVR-300L, Moving parts in symmetry works correctly.
* Removed unnecessary horizontal slider in the mini settings UI.
* Fix Summary window no longer appears empty when recovering a vessel with the UI scale at more than 150%, when in a non recommended UI Scale range.
* Fix flickering of fairings in editor scene.
* Further tweaked the sun behavior to stop it from dimming unnecessarily in the Jool Airbreak scenario.
* Fix Intermediate Construction tutorial does not require confirmation when loading the required vessel.
* Fix NRE is no longer generated when rockets crash on the Launchpad.
* Fixed a shader issue that caused the Mk16 parachute to become transparent when within Aero FX.
* Fix cost of fairings shells now is included with initial vessel load.
* Landing gear LY-01, LY-05, LY-10, LY-35, LY-60 and LY-99 can no longer be the first part when you are building a ship.
* Fix last part of interstage fairings not having correct variant applied when vessel is loaded.
* Assigned the correct category to the cfg of all engines.
* Limited the amount of undo/redo steps in the editors to prevent excessive use of memory while building large, complex vehicles. The amount of steps can be adjusted via GameSettings.EDITOR_UNDO_REDO_LIMIT
* Fix Vessel without name cannot be saved in the editor and no longer generates an error.
* Fix part hover highlighting no longers shows from inside IVA or Internal camera.
* Fix inverted interstage fairings not being able to activate when a decoupler below them has activated.
* Fix KSC building upgrade text padding on KSC Building marker UI for scroll bars.
* Fix potential NRE when completing an orbital survey.
* Fix Words no longer duplicate on contracts.
* Fix Burn Bar and Orbit stays the same when a new target is selected.
* Fix An NRE is no longer generated when trying to select the last save game in the save game menu after deleting previous saves. 

+++ Mods
* Call OnWillBeCopied and OnWasCopied for children parts when their parent is copied in the editor scene.
* Variants can now disable animations and events.
* Alternative control point orientations can be configured on ModuleCommand.
* Kerbal Helmet check values are controllable via cfg using stock rules or an extra step by overriding code methods: CanSafelyRemoveHelmet, WillDieWithoutHelmet, CanEVAWithoutHelmet
* Kerbals now EVA with a set initial temperature equal to “room temperature” - I mean they were inside with no helmets  - can be reverted via GameSettings.EVA_INHERIT_PART_TEMPERATURE

* Personal parachute kerbal unlock level requirement is accessible for modders in the traits.cfg file and the requirements have been updated to: 0xp for pilots, and 1 xp point for Engineers and Scientists.
* Stock craft have been revised so that they no longer use deprecated parts. The revised vessels are: Aeroequus , ComSat LX , Dynawing , GDLV3 , Ion-Powered Space Probe , Jumping Flea , Kerbal 1 , Kerbal 1.5 , Kerbal 2 , Kerbal X , Learstar A1 , Orbiter 1A , Orbiter One , PT Series Munsplorer , Rover + Skycrane , Science Jr , Slim Shuttle , Space Station Core , Super-Heavy Lander , Two-Stage Lander , Z-MAP Satellite Launch Kit ,Rocket-power VTOL , Satellite Launcher , Stratolauncher.
* Kerbals who board a command seat will make the command seat the vessel reference point only when no other part has control of the vessel.
* The flight camera near clip pane is automatically adjusted when in IVA to correctly display external visuals.
1.6 Changelog - Making History DLC ONLY
+++ Improvements
* Open mission menus now check for craft file compatibility.

+++ Localization

+++ Parts
* The following LFO engines were rebalanced : Wolfhound, Cheetah, Kodiak, Mastodon, Cub, Skiff, Bobcat.
* The following Engine Thrust Plates were rebalanced:  EP-25, EP-37, EP-50
* The following Structural Tubes were rebalanced: T-25, T-37, T-50

+++ Bugfixes
* Removed the text “Not played yet” from the tutorial missions buttons in play missions dialog.
* Fix to remove the add button in the Modify Score and Change Score nodes if there are no more options left.
* Fix Kerbals now appear swimming in the correct position on the water when spawning.
* Fix undo function will no longer ignore copied nodes in mission builder.
* Fix handling of engine plates and self-decoupling parts for DV calculation used in Burn Indicator.
* Fix NRE in Mission builder : Changing the "Location" settings in the "Spawn Vessel" node with the described procedure does not generate an NRE.
* Fix Localization description of craft Valkshod 2 on trouble in the Void mission.
* Fix Localization name and description of craft Soy-Ooze 10 on Sally-Hut 1 mission.
* Fix Localization name and description of craft SWM-94 Communications Satellite on Trouble in the void mission.
* Fix Copying Spawn vessel nodes with specific crew creates nodes without crew so they are not cloned.

+++ Missions


Kerbal Space Program 1.6: To Vee or not To Vee is now available on Steam and will soon be available on GOG and other third party resellers. You will also be able to download it from the KSP Store if you already own the game.

As with every release this thread will be used to bundle all general discussion about the new version so that the forums can continue to actively host threads on other topics as well. CLICK HERE for the official release announcement for Kerbal Space Program 1.6: To Vee or not To Vee.

Happy launchings!

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Thanks for the update before the holidays.

I like the addition of "Control Point" in the PAW.  I hadn't seen that mentioned before.

I like the Wolfhound debuff. 


Devs please add 1.6 to the bugtracker's version pulldown. Thanks.


Edited by klesh
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Well dang.  This snuck up and took me by surprise.  I didn't clone off a backup copy before the update dropped.

Now I have to remember how to roll back to the previous version on Steam so I can keep playing in 1.5.1 for the next few days, until the inevitable game-breaking bugs are reported, the equally-inevitable emergency bugfixes are released, and 1.6.x is established to be reasonably stable.

(I'd like to think I'm being needlessly pessimistic, but history is on my side here....)

On the plus side, vacuum engines that actually LOOK LIKE vacuum engines! YAY!  My beloved Mk 2 Lander Can getting its much-needed lightweighting, PLUS increased utility! Double-YAY!  Really looking forward to 1.6.1 and updated mods!

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Hey! just wanted to drop a nugget of information before anyone freaks out.

If you're having weird glitches on your steam install, try doing this:

  1. Exit KSP, if it's running.
  2. Validate the game files. (Steam has been having issues pushing files correctly.)  To do this, rightclick kerbal on steam, hit properties, then local files, then "verify integrity of game files". It'll probably say some files are missing, then redownload them.
  3. Go into the root folder of your KSP install, and delete PartDatabase.cfg.  (It may have become corrupted, and validating doesn't fix it because this is a locally generated file.)
  4. Restart KSP.

Should hopefully fix things!

Like, weird nullrefs, odd behavior, et cetera. If something seems wildly wrong or just acts out fully like this: 

If that's not helping, try removing mods if you've added any. Could always be a compatibility issue there too!

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Some stuff looks nice.
Some doesn't.
It's odd that the spark got Revamped but the radial spark Twitch didn't. 
The cone shaped 1.25 nosecone  white variant looks bad. It reminds me of old B9 parts. The Striped variant looks really close and fitting to Mk2 fuselages though.
But some of the many edges are still relatively rough in the transition between parts.
That the 2.5 to 3.75 adapter now a fueltank is, is absolutly great.
DeltaV readout looks good
Gonna continue looking at the new update for the changes that don't immedialty jump into your eye.

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