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Auto hiking and roving

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Landed a spacecraft on Moho. Had Bob take a hike to the nearest peak. Took nearly 2 hours realtime, all the EVA propellant and 20 m/s ground impact. He survived.

How about we could plot a route for Kerbal / Rover that one could automatically follow? Even with half speed, whatever. Especially that, save the Mohole, there are no landscape features that could kill a Kerbal. 

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58 minutes ago, klgraham1013 said:

I've always been a bit against fast travel.  I think time warp is a good enough solution for KSP.  We've become far to impatient these days.

time warp would be a good, if it actually worked efficiently. When I time warp with Kerbals on EVA, they always twitch, and get stuck walking in two different directions. They are running, but more at half speed because they're motion is always split between two directions. If Squad fixed this so that they ran in a single direction smoothly, then it'd be an improvement, but then there's a second problem.

Kerbals still clip terrain and have a tendency to poof when running in time warp. Making it a risky decision if you decide to use it.

Though not new to any game, a key toggle for walking forward has been used in many games before and could easily be applicable here with shift acting as a toggle in that mode between walking and running.

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