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2/10 i hete those poorly made memes

p.s. it's a combination of The Moose in your House and Azimech's SWR Sprinter and Vagani's Vagani Lynx GT rear wing with some changes :)

p.p.s i will post it soon... guess where?

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4/10 With all due respect sir, I really, really don't like spaceplanes. It may be burning up, that's a +3, but... 


"No kerbal must be confined to the regions of Kerbin! Kerbals must have a choice to run free across the stars! And that, Dolores, is why I want you to help me fund my commercial mission to Ty- *seeing recording camera conveniently placed right beside him and seeing Dolores Kerman run* Hey! You did that! Get back here!"

-Gene Kerman.

But seriously. No spaceplanes. Unnecisarily complicated, just... ugh.


With all due respect, 


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