Mod to attach launch clamps after landing

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Are there any mods out there that give you the ability to attach launch clamps to a vehicle that's landed?  I'm working on something, and I really need my rockets to stop sliding around like a barge landed Falcon 9 after landing on the runway.

I think I could rig something up with docking ports, but I was hoping for something a little cleaner.

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5 hours ago, theJesuit said:

The claw?

Not sure how that would help attach me to the ground?  Can the claw attach to the ground?

1 hour ago, Gargamel said:

KAS has anchors and harpoons that can attach to winches.  

Yeah, and I've used them.  Unfortunately I've had way, way too many issues with stuff attached to the ground with those anchors just up and snapping in half on physics load.


Also they need to be easily re-detachable, like the clamps.  I actually do have something that's working better than I expected with docking ports, but actual clamps would be pretty handy.

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24 minutes ago, JH4C said:

This any good?


Holy crap I completely forgot about that mod.  It could certainly help!  I will play with it.  Thank you.

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