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The Grand Jewel fleet design contest


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The grand jewel army forces are in need of modernization so we are now recruiting officers to test and develop weapons. pick a branch(below) to build for. be creative! there are a few rules such as:

1. keep it relatively low part count. 

2.no copying designs

3. space branch needs no launchers to get into space




this branch builds ships to fight in space 

stock only 



this branch builds ships to fight in the sea

BDA permitted




this branch builds aircraft to fight in the air

BDA and airplane plus permitted 




I will judge these aircraft versus : other  submissions , my craft, and compare maneuverability between aircraft  



(land support may come soon)




Aircraft that have passed

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5 hours ago, lapis said:

BDA and airplane plus permitted 

Airplane Plus parts have some issues with absolutely huge hitpoints values (they're trying to fix it).

For now, @Rocketing Racerand I worked on correcting the values for all the parts in AP+. Below is a CFG file for use with Module Manager (comes with BDA) that makes the numbers at least somewhat rational: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gvasv4ywtu2jjha/000000_HitpointModule_PartFixes-AirplanePlus.cfg?dl=0

This will fix existing craft files to the new values:  https://github.com/java12man/BDA-CraftHitPointFix

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I will take a look


8 hours ago, TheFlyingKerman said:

Can something like this work as a spy/recon plane?


the link is broken

edit : tested it. it passed and I will edit OP soon

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