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I once made a small space station named "Kerbal XX" around Kerbin.  

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On 1/8/2019 at 12:46 AM, kerbiloid said:

Thinking a little more, I would suggest make the casino module as a rotating ring. 
It spins, producing an artifial gravity. Then it stops on a random sector.


On 1/11/2019 at 11:12 AM, 53miner53 said:

A second ring rotating the opposite direction and starting and stopping with the first. If it’s going to stop a lot, might as well make it easier to keep the station from spinning

A quilters module to make padded walls for the ring modules.   Those poor people when the rings slam on the brakes......

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A nuclear (fission or fusion) reactor module plus red hot radiators, attached to a long truss and a proper shielding, because you need lots of energy to run all those stuff, and solar isn't going to cut it I'm sure.

If (in case of fission) you're concerned with some incompetent Kerbals deorbiting the station and contaminating Kerbin atmosphere with radioactive dust, a power receiver dish module receiving beamed energy from solar thermal power collectors is fine.

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Module of Life Support and Self-Destruction.

Normally it uses electrolysis to turn the drinkable water into breathable oxygen, and throws hydrogen away.
But if close the exhaust pipe, it fills the station with hydrogen to grind it on deorbiting or to self-destroy if the ET troopers are boarding.

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Passenger Management Pack (aka Pax-Pack).

When you have a lot of orbital Tourists onboard, you have to follow the standard regulation rules and procedures.


1. Pre-flight security check module.
To check the Tourists baggage, clothes, and bodies.

2. Baggage packing module.
The tourists' baggage gets packed into containers to load them on board of a shuttle or so.

3. Check-in and customs control module.
Tourists check-in.

4. Waiting module.
Collect your tourists here.

5. Boarding module.
The tourists board the shuttle.

6. Lost&found module.
Some random portion of baggage gets lost and found, you have to send it additionally.

7. Traffic police module.
Some random portion of Tourists get here. Should be sent additionally or arrested.

8. Hall of arrival and baggage claim module
Tourists get here on arrival, and get their baggage back.

9. AirSpaceport food module,
Just a cafe. But with prices several times higher than anywhere else.

10. Station square module.
Taxi crafts dock here. With prices several times higher than anywhere else.

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A docking module, with 10 50 docking ports of different ports from the Stock game, @Nertea's Station Parts Expansion, Wild Blue's MOLE & @benjee10's ReDirect mod.

(BTW I couldn't remember whether MOLE ever have docking ports or not since I have 60+ mods installed with no visual mods. I have too many parts and incompatible Janitor's Closet (EDIT: Thus not working) only added insult to the pain)

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